Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


I no longer care about trusting anyone else, I only need to know I am a trustworthy person ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

This is actually healing.

My first counsellor shocked me when she told me no-one was 100% trustworthy. But, she was right.

5 years later, I have finally accepted people are not to be trusted, as I knew all along.

But, now I no longer have the fear and anxiety related to this issue.

Which is healing.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario


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Helped a child advocate raise awareness about parenting, EQ/IQ, the perils of modelling narcissism, selfishness & creating bullies

I am very happy to help educate others, to raise awareness about empathy, how EQ is more important than IQ, the perils of poor parenting – like Princess Parenting –¬†creating entitled narcissistic children – who become toxic adults.

And how not all child bullies are bullied at home. Some are, but actually other forms of poor parenting create a lot of issues. Like telling children they are ‘special’, and not making them accountable for their actions. Raising entitled children, who are lacking in understanding the emotions and needs of others, and instead are selfish and self serving. It’s not good and is increasing everywhere.

The admin of this page – who reaches a lot of people about positive and gentle parenting, was so interested in narcissism and the opposite being empathy.

It was really good to help educate her and for her to then educate others.

She confirmed I had inspired her to create some memes and I gave her some ideas.

And all brought about by witnessing a child, intentionally, wilfully bully another child and smirking at seeing the child get told off. This led to conversation about the children being bullied and the reasons why this is occurring.

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My discernment about toxic people, is always accurate. Even in children ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Sad to see this play out and see the absolute narcissism/sociopathy in someone so young. But, even more sad, is knowing there are many victims of this child already. And that will only get worse. The mother is a highly narcissistic person.

This is not normal behaviour for a child of this age. Lying to get out of being in trouble – yes….. plotting to tell lies about another child and enjoying it, is not normal.

To know there are children off school sick due to the bullying (abuse) is not okay.

Too much bullying leads to suicide, depression and anxiety, children and teenagers.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario