Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Empathy for complex trauma survivors, at thanksgiving – looks like this ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


Too many un-empathic people, tell other people they should be feeling positive emotions, when many people are in a place where they cannot, and do not have to.

I don’t police how complex trauma survivors ‘should’ be feeling. Or shame them in the process, by suggesting they should feel or be doing better than they are. Especially at holiday times, when emotions and loneliness, are even worse.

People in very painful, dark places, cannot feel positive emotions, and that is okay.

And it takes someone who has been there, and knows how much empathy is needed – to express this. Continue reading


First time I have listened to this sing, and not been emotional. Which I should probably be concerned about.

Since I first listened to this song, I have been emotional every time. It is my inner child  song. It has great personal meaning for me.

Today, is the first time I have ever listened to this and not been emotional. It is actually something I should probably be worried about, because I know myself well. I always cry when I listen to this. No matter whether in a good, bad or ugly place.

Which I do know, is because I have shut down emotionally. It’s like a switch just got turned off.

I am at a place where I just cannot do emotions anymore. I don’t know if this is dissociation, or something else. But, it is not something I have experienced before. Continue reading