Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Amazing this blog has reached over 1.25 millions views!



Considering Complex Trauma and Complex PTSD are such narrow fields of interest and are not widely known about topics – this blog being at over 1.25 million views – is amazing!

I don’t under-estimate the power of this blog and how is resonates with so many people.

I will take a moment to have some pride in what I have achieved over the last 4 years.

I have achieved a lot and helped many in the process.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario


My husbands’ counselling, is a waste of time. Narcissists don’t change.

It is my understanding that narcissists do not change. And that is the view of many mental health professionals who have experience and insight into personality disordered, toxic, character disordered people.

He’s had a session today. And when I ask him about it, he is evasive, refuses to talk about it, and remains secretive. Which only furthers my view that toxic people, don’t and won’t change. He’s always been a liar, devious, manipulative, secretive and that won’t change.

But, I am at the point now, where I don’t care about whatever he is doing, thinking, unless it affects my children. He doesn’t have the power to bring me down anymore. I have removed that power I used to allow him to have over me. And it feels so much better. His issues are nothing to do with me, in any way. And I know that now.

I agree more and more with experts like Dr. George Simon, who speaks clearly about toxic, manipulative, dishonest people never changing.

And I agree.

It is stupidity to assume they will ever change. Continue reading

Those that focus on the importance of forgiving your aggressor while you are still hurting are aggressors, too ~ Jeff Brown

“Make no mistake.

Those that focus on the importance of forgiving your aggressor while you are still hurting are aggressors, too.

They too are channeling their unresolved material in your direction. They too are denying your value and trivializing your suffering.

Many who preach forgiveness are merely bypassing their own unprocessed victimhood.

Trauma survivors in denial, they need you to artificially forgive, so that they can turn off the tap of their own remembrance.

If they can jump you to premature-forgiveness, they no longer have to see the reflection of their own unprocessed pain in you.

It’s the most dangerous game of all- to invite forgiveness of other, before a victim has been truly seen in their woundedness, before (s)he has truly moved through an organic process.

If you have been wounded, you have been wounded. It’s that simple. And you won’t heal it, and the world won’t evolve beyond its hurtful ways, if we sweep that truth under a bushel of forgiveness.

The heal is for real.”