Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Grief is love with no place to go ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

This meme really made me stop and think. And it’s true. And it’s made me think even more than is mentioned in this meme.



I’ve been grieving all my life. Because the people in my life, were unable/unwilling to give love. They were people who used and abused. And whilst you try to give love to them, it isn’t treated well. And you don’t receive any love back.

I’ve been grieving all my life. I’m still grieving. Grieving my mother. My birth father who I have never met. My step father. My sisters. People I have loved in various relationships. Even now, I am grieving my marriage, my ex counsellor.

All the emotions, love and caring……. with nowhere to go.

It’s hard grieving people who are still alive.

It’s hard grieving an entire life.

But, that is what I am doing. And grieving involves many emotions. And grieving such heinous abuse, such neglect, such abandonment, such callous treatment, such pain…….. does not have a timespan. Continue reading