Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Ending 2016, in a nice way.

My husband is working (which is good) and myself and my boys, are spending New Years Eve together.

We have kindly been invited to a friends house for dinner. Their son, is my 7 year olds best friend and they are in the same class in 2017.

I have recently become friends with the family, and we have clicked. I find the mum very easy to talk to. She’s intelligent and we can have decent conversations. She’s as pleased as I am that our sons are friends, because they are good kids, who are mature for their age.

They are a really nice family, and I feel much gratitude for being invited over.

Today, I have been out with my boys, had a doughnut treat and bought some chocolates and flowers to take later, as a thank you for inviting us.

So, I am spending New Years Eve in a nice way, with my boys and a nice family 🙂 Continue reading


It’s always interesting seeing people demand I should not express my emotions & my journey ….. on ‘my own’ blog.

The world is full of different types of people. Some are selfish, self serving, envious and feel absolutely entitled to put others down – even on the persons own blog.

This blog is where I express everything I am going through. The good, the bad and the ugly.

It is my place to talk about my own specific journey. This is not a place for people to ‘tell’ me – my emotions and my journey are ‘wrong’.

Yet, there are people out there – who tell me I should not do this. Or I should do this differently. In the way ‘they’ think I should write. And leave nasty comments, when I am struggling. Their selfishness – and need to kick someone when they are down – is so evident in their attitudes.

I have come to understand – selfish attitudes, self serving beliefs, entitled attitudes, malicious mindsets and a need to hurt someone – are common and quite frankly – pathetic.

I will continue to express my journey, my emotions here on my own blog, with the honesty and integrity I have – to express it all. Continue reading