Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Life keeps on proving, why most people cannot be trusted ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Recent events, both online and offline, have made me wonder why I bother trying to trust people. Most people in this world, are untrustworthy. And life keeps on proving that to me.

There is a lot I could write, but I won’t. And actually I can’t be bothered. I’ve written it all before. Many times. Toxic people, selfish people, manipulative people…. are everywhere.

I am, however, at that point where I am beginning to not even care. I am not shocked by bad human behaviour. I am not shocked by selfishness. I am not shocked by dishonesty.

I find it vile, but I am not shocked.

I’ve been pretty upset about a situation today – that doesn’t even involve me, but does involve people who all claim to be something they really are not. Their capacity to delude themselves, is really strong.

You would think that those educated and knowledgeable about psychology, narcissism, human behaviours…….. would have a better standard for their own behaviour, than they have displayed. And I discerned these people as fake and dodgy, before they even had the opportunity to be toxic to me.

All this proves, is I need to build up relationships very slowly, very carefully and over a very long period of time, before any trust can be considered. This today, has been a needed reminder of that.

And keep in mind, my first counsellor said to me “no-one can ever be trusted 100%”. And I know many of the reasons why.

Dishonesty is at the root of them all.

People being dishonest with themselves, and/or with others.

And the human capacity to rationalise, justify and minimize – any of their own bad behaviours. Continue reading


My ‘toxic people radar’ capacity – proven again to be correct ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Following a message I received about a ‘narcissistic abuse survivor’ page admin, plagiarising other people’s work……. I had a conversation with someone I do trust.

This conversation led to talking about yet more people – who I had discerned some time ago as being a fake (due to victim blaming attitudes and dodgy posts) and definitely not what they seem. And the person I was having the discussion with – confirmed these ‘fakes’ have treated her really appallingly, with rage and nastiness. And she was shocked to be treated this way.

It was another of those ‘WOW’ moments – where I had already discerned people as fakes – even though the fakes had done nothing to me personally. And that insight was then confirmed correct by a another person – who ‘was’ sadly on the receiving end of these fake persons nastiness, toxicity, rage and unstable behaviours.

I should never doubt my capacity to discern toxic, fake, narcissistic people.

It is has been proven correct SO many times.

I know toxic people’s traits. I’ve been living with these types of people, all my life.

I’m never ignoring my ‘red flag’ discernment capacity…. ever again. Continue reading