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I knew my narcissist husband, would not stick it out in counselling

My husband – who has lied to me from day one as to who he is, has quit counselling. After 3, maybe 4 sessions. I knew that would happen. I predicted it.

And he did the usual ‘fail to tell me about this’. He avoids any conversation that he finds ‘difficult’. He is such a coward.

And…. when he finally did tell me he had quit counselling – when forced to tell me – he tried to ‘reframe it with ¬†good reasons’. Another typical narcissistic trait. Another form of lying. He deludes himself all the time as to his narcissism being okay.

I 100% accept he will never be anything but a narcissistic, psychopathic, lying, devious, cowardly, immature, selfish piece of crap.

I despise him.

I find him utterly repulsive.

I tolerate him for the sake of our children, but that is the only reason. And I let our children know his narcissistic behaviours are not okay, and why. I do not want them turning into people like him. If I don’t talk to them about their fathers lying, deviousness and selfishness – they will assume that behaviour is okay. And it is not.

I’ve now decided the only way to deal with him……. as he never intends changing – is to be the same as he is.

So, I’ve told him from now on I intend keeping things from him, being devious and doing things behind his back that he will not know about. He didn’t like that, at all. Of course. He’s such a fucking hypocrite. Continue reading