Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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A system geared to protecting child sex offenders, and not to protecting children

I read this today – a man who has been charged with 79 counts of child sexual abuse, including rape, assault and making child exploitation material.


These are just the offences the police were able to have enough evidence of, to make arrests. There will far more offences.

This man deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life.

He won’t receive that sentence. He will likely do little prison time, and be made to complete one of the ‘sex offender’ program, that have very poor success rates – in rehabilitating paedophiles.

The legal system is geared towards protecting paedophiles and their ‘human rights’.

The system fails to protect children, from this most heinous abuse.

Paedophiles often get a slap on the wrist as a legal consequence of what they do. And they are let back out into the community – knowing they will re-offend.

Paedophiles rights, are clearly the priority.

To me, they lost any rights, the second they made a choice to sexually abuse a child.

They lost their rights to freedom, the second they caused heinous life long harm – to innocent children.

They lost all rights, the second they stole a child’s innocence from them.

But, the system, the do-gooders, the enablers…. don’t see it that way.

Because the rights of adults, are always considered of far greater importance, than the rights of children.

This is clear within the system dealing with child sex offenders, and is even very evident when considering the rights adults have to hit their children – which is physical abuse.

Animals have more rights, than children.

And no-where is this more deplorable, than in the way children are failed by the legal system dealing with child sex offenders. Continue reading

“Thank you so much, Lilly Hope, your words are such a blessing to me”

A post to my Facebook page today, which reminds me how meaningful my work is to others.

“Thank you so much, Lilly Hope, your words are such a blessing to me, and have been for about 4 ? months now.

I’ve progressed so much in healing, just by absorbing your words, and I’ve stopped blaming myself for not being able to forgive all the abusers.

It’s amazing the difference. I’ve been beating myself down for over 15 years now…

No more of that nonsense!

How liberating.  “

This shows just how much complex trauma survivors need to see true compassion and true empathy.

This post shows how the harmful beliefs of others – can cause so much damage to people’s healing and hinder any healing.

And this shows how the right words, the vital words people need to hear – can make such a difference.

I am glad when I can make that needed difference in anyone’s  life.

empathy-2 Continue reading