Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Why I am not remotely interested in the thoughts, or opinions, of any of my abusers ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

People have asked me why I blog as much as I do? And don’t I care what my abusers who read this blog – think of me?

I can see it is odd to some people – that I would potentially let abusive toxic people – know I am struggling, or I am suicidal. Some people seem to think it is ‘bad’ or wrong, to let abusers know we are struggling. Some people seem very concerned with what abusers think, or know.

I couldn’t care less what they think or know…… and never have done since I began my healing journey. And that is why I am able to journal everything. And be so honest, which some people are unable to be – if they are only willing to write the ‘good stuff’ what they ‘want’ an abuser to know.

So in not caring what they think, I am able to write about the hard stuff, like being suicidal, like when I am struggling.

And I’m aware many people relate to that honesty, and how I don’t hold parts of my journey back.

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How some survivors of abuse – victim shame other survivors & it is narcissism ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I have noted that far too often the survivors of abuse who need to feel like they are ‘strong warrior survivors’………. choose to also indulge in victim shaming.

They shame other survivors, for ‘not being strong enough’. They like to compare themselves to those who they want to deem to be weak.

They use toxic phrases like ‘don’t be a victim’. ‘I’m not a victim, so you should stop acting the victim’…. which is victim shaming….


I remind survivors………… if you need to have the persona and identity of being a ‘strong warrior survivor’………. that’s okay – but do NOT shame others in the process.

You are not stronger than others, because when you shame other survivors – you are in fact showing your weakness….

Your weakness of little empathy, your selfish need to put others down – to boost your own ego driven identity.

And that is not strength at all.

In fact, it is being abusive.

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