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Ben McCormack – Arrested For Child Pornography Crimes, And No-one Cares About The Children Being Abused


Ben McCormack – a reporter on A Current Affair – here in Australia, has been charged with child pornography crimes, including distributing child pornography and conversations involving child sexual abuse.

See this link for details http://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/a-current-affair-reporter-ben-mccormack-charged-with-sending-child-pornography-material/ar-BBzsUvV?li=AAgfYrC&ocid=U206DHP

Social media is rife with this news. People are talking about what scumbag he is. People are laughing at the hypocrisy of him being someone who chases people down the road about lesser crimes reported by A Current Affair (ACA). People are scorning the ACA program, and the main host of the program. People are suggesting maybe people should wait and hear the facts before commenting. Some are even suggesting maybe he was accessing child pornography for a case he is working on for ACA. And meanwhile, the reports being made, are making it very clear that these charges are not in any way linked to ACA or Channel 9, who broadcast the show.

And amongst the hundreds of comments I have scrolled through via the social media reporting, something struck me as really wrong. And a true representation of where society is, in relation to caring about children….

Not one single comment mentioned any concern for the children being sexually abused in this case.

Not one.

No-one cares about the children involved in this child pornography case. No-one bothers to sit and think ‘oh my God, those poor children’. That was my first thought.

It’s always ‘all about the adults’. It’s always ‘all about’ the paedophile/child sex offender, and not the children they harm. Plenty of people will comment about their opinions on child sex offenders. Some people even go as far as to say that child pornography is better than actually physically sexually abusing a child. Some people will defend the offender. Yet, few ever stop and think about the children.

Children who are used in child pornography are being sexually abused. Whether it be pictures of them naked, or in sexually suggestive poses. They are being sexually abused as well as the children actually being physically abused – in the more graphic child pornography circulating the underground child pornography/paedophile/child sex offender world.

To me, this is just more evidence of how little society cares about children. Children can be hit and plenty of people think that’s needed. When it’s not – it is child abuse. Animals have more rights to not be harmed – than children.

Children are not given rights to adequate medical care – as in compulsory vaccinations. I completely see that refusing to vaccinate a child (who is healthy enough) is medical neglect. Yet, compulsory vaccinations are not in place, and children’s lives are placed at risk. Children are being neglected and abused, and society is generally more concerned in not ‘shaming’ parents, than in the abuse the children are being subjected to.

And in the situation of child pornography being distributed, most people do not stop and think about the children being abused. It’s all about the perpetrator.

Even within the trauma and abuse survivor world, more people seem concerned about the abuse adults endure, than children. Domestic violence is often all about the adults in the situation. And so often people fail to accept that abuse suffered as a child, is more impacting than abuse suffered as an adult, due to the child’s immature brain and coping capacity.

Children are very much treated as second class citizens, who are not considered worthy of rights, or concern as to abuse they endure.

It’s makes me really angry. And I know it is partly because no-one ever cared about me being abused as a child. But, it also because I see how society treats children and it disgusts me.

The way society in general treats children, is disgusting. And I care about that. Because it is wrong and so much child abuse occurs, as a result.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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2 thoughts on “Ben McCormack – Arrested For Child Pornography Crimes, And No-one Cares About The Children Being Abused

  1. “Some people even go as far as to say that child pornography is better than actually physically sexually abusing a child.”

    Oh my god…that is one of the most ignorant things I’ve read on the topic. When I read it here, I was taken aback that anyone would comment that on a story about a pedophile case.

    I have to wonder where are the minds of people when they write shit like that.
    People are asleep and can’t seem to put themselves in the place of these children (I guess.) I don’t know…. But we’ve got a world of people in big denial and obliviousness.

    • Yes, it goes to show how incredibly stupid people are, when they assume a paedophile accessing child sexual abuse pictures/videos on line, is somehow better than physically sexually abusing a child.
      The children in all child pornography are child sexual abuse victims.
      There is so little concern for children in society.
      That’s why paedophiles get such lenient jail time and get let out over and over – with everyone knowing they will do it again.
      I will always be an advocate for children rights and safety as paramount – not the rights of disgusting vile child sex abusers.
      Children’s lives are destroyed and their childhood stolen, when they are abused in this most horrific way.
      Sadly, most people don’t seem to care.
      But, I do.