Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

“You have probably done more compassionate “mothering” to us all than, anyone could possibly hope for”

I am so overwhelmed by all the feedback I have received today, following my Mothers Day posts.

This is one of many comments left, (along with those highlighted on my previous 2 blog posts) that truly makes me know how meaningful my work is.

I know it’s the true insight and empathy I have for complex trauma survivors, and the gentle encouragement, and not having any expectations, that create that safety many complex trauma survivor crave and need.

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This was posted to my Facebook page on 12/07/17

I am glad to be someone, who can reach people in a truly meaningful way. Continue reading

“I honour your journey, just as you Lilly always do so graciously for others”

I am so thankful to be someone who honours people’s journey, so graciously. And that people see this and there are people who can offer the same to me.

I never place expectations on anyone, because I know that is harmful and is lacking in empathy. And I know how vital empathy is.

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This was posted to my Facebook page on 12/05/17

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It’s Two Days Away, But I’m Already Crying About Mother’s Day ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I woke up at about 2.15am, due to a nightmare. So, I’m tired, emotional and fed up. PTSD is a bitch.

TV and social media, are full of ‘Mother’s Day’ posts, adverts, memes etc.

I’ve already cried this morning, reading a post by one of my favourite authors – Jeff Brown, – where he compassionately suggests those who find Mothers Day hard – consider it as ‘Self Mothering Day’.

And I get it, and it is good advice. But, I am so fed up of having no-one who cares about me, in my life. I’m fed up with having to take care of myself, because no-one else cares about me and my needs.


I’ve come to realise, no matter what I do, nothing replaces what I didn’t have and nothing fills the void where a loving mother, father, family, extended family, friends, partners………. were supposed to be.

That void is too big. It will never be filled.  No amount of self care, photography, gardening, exercise or anything else, fills that void. It’s a distraction yes. But, that void is empty and I feel it every day. Continue reading