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Exhausted – But Okay ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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This last two weeks, have been really hard. I found out my mother died and my in-laws are visiting. Two difficult issues.

Interestingly, both have been okay to deal with. I encouraged my husband to deal with his dysfunctional family issues, and own up to his parents, as not being the ‘golden child’ they believe he is. He told them a lot. Including all his lying and manipulating. And how he contributed to my breakdown 5 years ago. And about some of the stuff they have done that is not okay. That confrontation of their family issues, went surprisingly well.

My mother’s death, has been a strange issue to deal with. I think I’ve done all my grieving already. So, whilst I do feel really sad at times, I’m more sad for my mother and all she lost out in life, because she chose to be a toxic, abusive woman.

I’m exhausted though.

Like really tired, into the core of my being.

We went to a local zoo today, with my in-laws. It was a great day. But, so tiring. Good tiring.

And I’m okay with feeling this tired. I know I am dealing with a lot at the moment. I know I am coping well, and that is good, but there are effects of all this going on over the last few weeks. Continue reading