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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Three Weeks – And I’m Already Being Shamed About Grieving ‘Too Long’ ~ Lilly Hope Lucario



I just had a ‘friend’ tell me I should stop feeling sad and focus on what I have in my life that’s good¬†– like she does.

Shaming attitude right there. And someone who considers themselves ‘better’ in the way they view life.

But, in fact, she is absolutely wrong. Because suppressing normal and needed human emotions – is what’s unhealthy.

And this ‘advice’ is when I only heard my mother died 3 weeks ago.

Yep…. 3 weeks.

Apparently 3 weeks is too long and I should be ‘over it’ by now and should be ‘focussing on the good’ and blah blah blah….

All this shows to me, is this person has zero insight into healthy grieving. Has zero empathy. Has zero capacity to think rationally. Has an entitled attitude to make someone already suffering – suffer some more. As shaming people like to do. Continue reading

The New (C)Age Movement Is Not About Healing, As Per Jeff Brown


Jeff Brown – who is on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/SOULSHAPING/ has the same insight as I do, but he often can write it in a far better way, than I can.

I appreciate Jeff Brown so much. He truly is someone who wants people to heal. His integrity and capacity for rational thinking, is rare, but so vital.