Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


“You are an amazing, advanced soul who writes with beauty, honesty and plain truth”

I just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing, advanced soul who writes with beauty, honesty and plain truth. 

Your words are echoed around the universe and stand with you to support the removal of the evils of abuse from our lives and from that of out future generations xxx

Sending unconditional love from my heart to yours, blessings to you and your family x
This is feedback I received today.
I am not a perfect person. I occasionally do wrong and I always apologise and have remorse. I’m open about this.
I see my capacity to be honest about myself, as well as describe the journey of complex trauma, my insight into abusive people etc…… is why so many gravitate to my work.
I do see I am insightful, wise about some things, compassionate, truthful and yet not perfect too.
I allow people to acknowledge their healing struggles, their pain, and not have to be seen as a ‘healing success story’. Because I see the shame and pressure that brings.
I talk about being suicidal, wanting to give up, feeling fragile…… and how it’s okay to feel safe to say this.
I am so not perfect.
I am not the ‘recovery success story’ some want to see – to be paraded up on the ‘warrior survivor pedestal’.
I’m real. I struggle. I mess up. I feel hurt, I panic. I cry. I respond in ways I truly wish I didn’t at times. And I always want to be improving.

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Tests Results – Brain Is Fine, But Blood Pressure Worse

Had an MRI on brain and a carotid artery scan and the results are all fine. Whew! So no brain aneurisms or strokes coming anytime soon.

Now on to tests for my heart, after the blood pressure monitor, which I get in a few weeks.

At the doctors getting my blood pressure checked today, following stopping Endep medication and taking a different one.

Since I last went to my doctor a few weeks ago and today – my blood pressure difference between sitting and standing has worsened. So that’s not good. Doctor advised I halve the medication and get my BP checked again.

She also said there is no medication for orthostatic hypotension.

I know from research adrenal fatigue and issues can cause this, so I will ask if that can be checked too. And it makes perfect sense to me, that 46 years of toxic stress, major anxiety etc….. would result in adrenal fatigue and related issues. Continue reading