Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


The inevitable happened. He’s Gone.

After more toxic behaviour going on, I told my husband to leave and he packed his stuff and went. I threatened to phone the police to get him to leave. He would hate his cop colleagues finding out the truth of who he really is. So he left.

My children wanted him to leave. Especially my older son.  But later they were upset and both cried. I feel so desperately sad for them. This is not how their childhood should be.

I realise everything their father did to me and them, he did to his first wife and their child. Now I know it was all lies about him being the ‘great husband and father’ he led me to believe he was …. and how everything was his ex wife’s fault….. was said to con me. As was every other lie he told me from day one. Now I realise his ex wife’s depression etc was true. And that all along he was the liar, not her. He made her a wreck, just like he did me.  Fortunately she had her parents to rely on. I have no-one.

He’s destroyed two families now. And he has no conscience. No remorse. No shame. No guilt. He is black to the core. A total psychopath.

I have to build up my physical and mental resilience, so I Continue reading