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Calvinist Leader Dr.Iain Campbell Dies by Suicide Amidst Allegations of Affairs and an Out of Wedlock Child -The Wartburg Watch blog

Thankful to see my blogs added to this – about the trauma of being groomed by abusive pastors and church ministers.
It is heinous abuse to endure and the victims need much support.
Not the minimizing, excusing, invalidating and further spiritual abuse they often endure from church people.
Lilly ❤


If a great theologian and pastor allegedly abuses the women in his congregation for decades, then what is wrong with his theology of obedience?

via Calvinist Leader Dr Iain Campbell Commits Suicide Amidst Allegations of Affairs and an Out of Wedlock Child. His Wife Gets Blamed! —

*Note:  While this is an important story that The Wartburg Watch covered, I disagree with their calling (late) Pastor Iain Cambell’s having sex with at least seven women church members “affairs”. (There may be more women besides these seven.) These women have not been able to tell their side of the story. This pastor may have exerted undue influence over these women such as in counseling meetings and may have used other coercive tactics.  We just don’t know the details. To tarnish these womens’ reputations when they may have been victimized is wrong. I decline to judge these Scottish women on so little information…

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Talking About The Heinous Abuse Caused By People With Personality Disorders – Is Not Increasing Mental Illness Stigma ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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Talking about the abuse, suffering and harm caused by people with personality disorders – is NOT increasing ‘mental illness stigma’.

Do not dare to try to silence abuse survivors as this is more abuse.

Personality disorders are not an excuse to abuse people.

I do not promote hate, revenge or retaliation – but I do promote the truth about how heinous their abuse is to endure.

Many victims kill themselves due to their heinous abuse. And some victims are killed by these personality disordered people.

The abuse must be discussed.

And info about these people so victims won’t be targeted again. Continue reading


Celebrated My ‘Mighty Article’ Being Published With My Children ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I celebrated my article being published by The Mighty – with the only two people in this world who love me – my children.

Article @ https://themighty.com/2017/08/life-impacting-symptoms-of-complex-post-traumatic-stress-disorder-ptsd/

I wish it could have been with family and a partner who loves me, but that is not my life.

It’s another moment of realisation of all I don’t have in my life, that I dearly wish I did have. I realise the grieving continues.

But, at least I have my children and lots of people on social media were very kind and supportive – and I am so thankful for them all. Continue reading


Now An ‘Official The Mighty Contributor’ ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

My article was accepted, published and I was asked to be an ‘Official The Mighty Contributor”.

Which is great and I am so thankful for – as this raises more awareness about Complex Trauma, Complex PTSD, PTSD, abuse and child abuse.


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I Find Lana Del Rey’s Voice & Music Soothing

Even when I don’t necessarily relate to the lyrics (although I often do) – I find her voice so soothing. Her music is like a collection of adult lullabies.

When really struggling – I listen to her music a lot. She knows aloneness, depression, hopelessness, betrayal, struggle.

Often music has been my only way of coping.