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Depp v Heard: Post Separation Abuse, Legal Abuse & Cruelty To Domestic Violence Victims ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I have been aware for some years now, as to how few people can (or choose not to) discern narcissism and toxic behaviours.

The Johnny Depp / Amber Heard court case in 2022, however, has even shocked me – as to how few people will discern narcissistic abusers and domestic violence perpetrators and their tactics.

It’s been an eye opener for me, that even some of those who claim to be advocates for domestic violence victims and even domestic violence survivors, are supporting Depp. Something I find extremely alarming.

The Depp/Heard case is a classic case of most of society on a worldwide stage, being manipulated and duped by a highly toxic and abusive man. And his female victim being relentlessly abused by him and society. The witch hunt is deplorable, yet millions of people are enjoying it.

The very fact that Depp claimed to be the victim, yet sat in court smirking and laughing, was a huge red flag. Victims of abuse don’t sit in court smirking and laughing. Yet, millions seem to believe that’s normal for a victim and Heard’s behaviour in court is the problem. Shame shifting at it’s finest.

The fact that his accusations of abuse have been presented by his lawyers out of context and without stating what led up to Heard’s behaviour, is a red flag. Typical manipulation tactic. Many domestic violence perpetrators will relentlessly abuse the victim and then when she eventually reacts back – the dv perp will claim that’s abuse. It’s not abuse.

Also Heard being diagnosed by a non credible ‘mental health professional’ paid by Depp, that he ‘wined and dined’. But, another mental health professional diagnosing Heard with PTSD – caused by Depp’s abuse. “Dawn Hughes, a forensic and clinical psychologist from New York City, said she evaluated Heard over 29 hours, multiple visits and a number of tests, and conducted interviews with her mother and other doctors. Hughes said based on her evaluation, she diagnosed Heard with post-traumatic stress disorder caused by intimate partner violence from Depp.” And yet many want to believe the diagnosis by the non credible mental health professional. It’s also worth noting Depp wasn’t forced to do a psychological evaluation. See here.

The fact that his accusations were followed with zero proof – such as Heard ‘defecating on the bed’, was a huge red flag. And yet millions of people believe it. With NO EVIDENCE. Memes and videos are relentlessly trolling the internet and social media. Cruelty everywhere. Heard has received deaths threats. It’s shocked even me and I’m no stranger to being cyber abused.

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