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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Facing My Fear Of Public Speaking ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

My counsellor, who is also a GP, has asked me to consider speaking to a group of 20 young doctors about my experiences with trauma. This is to help – GP’s help their patients in a more appropriate way.

My immediate reaction – OH MY GOD NO……….. !!!! I hate speaking in groups of people, and especially people I don’t know!!!

Arrrgggghhhhhh! :O :O :O :O :O

I do know my counsellor would not ask me, if she didn’t think I could this. And she has made it very clear I can say no. And I know this is an opportunity to show that complex trauma survivors, can indeed be intelligent, have insight, and are not ‘crazy’. It’s an opportunity to help raise awareness about Complex PTSD and how many people are enduring this, many of whom don’t even realise they have this. And to talk about what helps us, and what hinders us.

But, whilst I truly feel massive anxiety at the thought of doing this…. it would be good for two reasons… it would help doctors be more trauma informed….. and it would make me face my fear of public speaking. Continue reading

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I’ve Been Approached To Collaborate On Custom Medical Alert Jewellery ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I’ve been approached by a company, who produce attractive jewellery, that can be engraved and customised for medical alert jewellery.

And they are offering a discount for all my followers and community members.

I know medical alert jewellery is becoming increasingly popular for those with PTSD, anxiety, dissociation issues, emotional reactions to triggers.

So I am currently asking my community members on my Facebook page, as to their opinion, to see if there is a demand for this. Continue reading


So thankful to see my work on ‘High Anxieties’ Website

I had no idea I was recommended and shared, by so many other Websites, as well as by Mental Health Professionals.

Healing From Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD

I will be content with my achievements and remember how far reaching my work is.

I am very grateful to all those who share my work, and recommend it. Continue reading


Drinking less coffee, to help the farmers ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I drink too much coffee. I am tired a lot and take medication, that makes me tired. So, I drink too many coffees a day, to keep me awake and give me some energy.

In Australia, it has become apparent that farmers are being ripped off, by the big supermarket chains, who are all competing to sell the lowest cost milk and bread. The home-brands, are causing huge issues for farmers.

I also know there is an increase within the farming community of suicide. For various reasons, this being one of them.

So, bring on a tight budget, we normally do buy the cheapest home-brand milk. But, now we are not. We’re buying brand names, to help this growing and very concerning farmer crisis. We’re also buying fruit and veg, direct from the local seller at my local gardening centre. They sell locally sourced products only. Including ‘real’ eggs, that are genuinely free range.

But, we need to reduce the amount of milk we purchase, because it is almost double the price. Which is not a bad thing. Continue reading

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More research showing hitting/spanking children, is abuse.

I will be including all this research in my book. And the next book, on abuse perpetrated by church people.



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No anxiety when speaking within a new group setting.

I do not like having to speak in group settings. Especially when they are people I do not know. I get massive anxiety. I don’t like being the centre of attention in groups. I don’t like lots of people looking at me. I got married abroad twice, to avoid being centre of attention.

Yesterday, I went to a meditation with a friend. There was about 25 people. I didn’t know any of them, and the friend I went with, is a new friend I have not known long.

The meditation, was in a former church. There were stained glass windows, with the cross, the Bible and other Christian related images. The meditation people, were clearly Buddhist type people, and having studied Buddhism in the past, I know their language. But, I ignored that and focussed on my own faith. I know these people are probably good, nice  people, just not at the point/stage I am at, in spiritual journey.

The meditation was good. There was a guided body relaxation first, then a guided visualisation. That part was what I had expected. We were asked to visualise a guide as we walked through this path, and through doors, that all represented something in our life. My guide was Jesus. He was holding my hand, throughout this entire visualisation. And it was pretty powerful, particularly about emotions, of anxiety, anger, sadness.

After this, they had a ‘circle’ and everyone had to say their name and what they were doing over Easter. After that, there were two cards to read out. So, I had to speak out within this group, three times.

When I realised I would need to speak, I immediately felt the anxiety rocket. But, I decided to just remain calm, asked Jesus to help me with anxiety and rather than panic, just remain calm and speak. And I did. I spoke calmly, with some humour about eating too much chocolate.

No-one would have guessed I have anxiety about speaking in a group. Continue reading

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My ladies group, is going well :)

I decided to set up a ladies group, to meet up for coffee. I am hoping it will be a group where women will have some enjoyment, chatting and possibly making friends. It’s going really well. I’ve arranged two so far, and both have been really great, with a good vibe and good feedback. I can already tell which ladies will become the regular core group ladies.

Some of the ladies are quiet and some are really chatty, which is great, because I don’t feel the need to always keep talking, or be responsible for starting conversation. Which helps with my social anxiety issues. I’m really grateful for the diversity of the group. Continue reading