Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Slowly progressing with my book.

I am currently writing the first chapters for my book, which will be followed by all the blog posts (already written) I want to include. Of which many need a little re-writing and tidying up. Then I will be adding chapters on seeking professional help, myths about healing that can cause harm. Plus a load of info that has helped me and many others in this healing journey.

The book will be a healing hopeful book and as such validation, information, deeper insight, addressing the many lessor known consequences of complex trauma and (Complex) PTSD, what triggers us and why, why we feel unsafe, how to manage symptoms etc.. All lead to a better quality of life being reached. Which is what I want for everyone.

I am a great believer in ‘you can only heal, what you fully acknowledge and choose to address’. Continue reading

My editors encouragement, for my book = tears :)

I am in the process, of getting my book done and published, this year. I have an amazing author, who is also an editor, ghost writes etc. He has made it very clear, he really believes in my work and what I am trying to do. And I know, this feedback, is from a very genuine place.

I feel like this is an incredible blessing. This author, is a Christian too.

Whenever I encounter genuine people, it makes me cry. Good tears.

people believe in you

When people believe in you, after so much abuse and people putting you down, it feels strange, but so good – to hear genuine views being given.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario Continue reading

All book donations, deeply appreciated :)

Go Fund Me @


go fund me 3

I am currently in talks with an editor, who is wanting to help me with my book. I am at the point of arranging the payments I will be making. This will be paid from my Go Fund Me account, which is specifically for financial costs of editing the book, ready to publish. I am also contributing what I can afford.

My hope is this book, will help people in a really meaningful way.

It’s not about just my journey, but much of what I have learned along the way and I know resonates with many others.

If anyone who has gained anything positive from this blog, my website etc, is able to contribute towards these costs, please know I will be deeply thankful!

My book, will be for those who have endured complex trauma, or those wishing to become more aware. It is my aim to provide a resource that collates everything, in a hopeful and healing way.

Lilly ❤


Have a rough outline of my book :)

So far, I have the format of my book including:

Testimonials of my work, website, blog etc.
Disclaimer (I am not a mental health professional)
Table of Contents

Then 14 chapters

With subheadings

(Throughout the chapters, blogs, Continue reading


“You need substantive editing” :)

It’s a good job I don’t have a fragile ego and can hear the truth, from those I know have good intentions.

The editor I have approached to help me with my book, has now confirmed (after looking through some of my blog), I need ‘substantive editing’.

This made me laugh. It amused me.

I have always said it is ‘what’ I write about that is my strength, not ‘how’ I write.

I think he chose to soften the potential blow a bit, by Continue reading


Yay! Pete Walker has given me permission to quote him in my book!

I’ve been a huge promoter of Pete Walker’s work. He is a very important part of my healing journey. He is aware of my website, my work and he encourages this and gave me his permission to use his work, which is so very kind of him.

I emailed him, to check if it is okay with him, for my to quote his work in my book, and he agreed and gave encouragement for my book too!

And he thanked me for promoting his work. For me, is an honour to promote his work.

So so so so thankful to him!!




Reading up about referencing people’s work.

Writing a book, is far more complicated than it may appear. Especially when you want to do it professionally and ensure you follow all procedures correctly.

Having learned the issues regarding making absolutely sure you cite and reference other people’s work…. I am making sure, I get this 100% right.

So far I have read these….




When Do You Need to Secure Permissions?

(This was upon advice of a successful author)

http://www.mbbp.com/news/writers-guide-to-fair-use Continue reading

Emailing people, about citations for my book.

I’m starting to email people, who’s work I would like to quote and refer to, in my book.

These are people, that have been a part of my healing journey and their insight has helped me to put words and understanding, to all I have endured.

I intend making sure, every source, every quote, is cited, referenced and clearly so.


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150,000 views on this blog now – okay time for WordPress to start paying me.

Thank you to everyone who supports me, in my writing here on this blog 🙂 ❤

150,000, is a lot for a blog that talks about taboo stuff.

And for a blog that is only just over 12 months old.

Averaging about 800 views, per day.

I think I will add that advertisement thingy (I cannot remember what it's called), where WordPress can start paying for all the advertising they are doing on my blog.

I can use any proceeds, to pay for publishing my first book 🙂

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Two new books arrived today! Happy days!


I ordered two books;

‘Lost Women Of The Bible’ ~ Carolyn Custis James &

‘Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving’ ~ Pete Walker

Happy happy happy!

I’ve always been a book worm, and I will always have a love of books, even though they now give my severe PTSD brain headaches if I read too much.