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A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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Child abuse and depression, can become life threatening & kill people.


I deeply relate to some of Charlotte Dawsons’s life.

Abandonment. Child abuse. Bad relationship with step father.

Seeking love, seeking what she didn’t receive in childhood.

A magnet for narcissistic men.

Depression. Suicidal thoughts. Suicide attempts.

Feeling alone. I know that terminal aloneness she felt and the fear that comes with it. The total loss of hope.

I’ve been there.

Her life ended due to far more than cyber bullying.


I understand those suffering, who have real empathy, often want to help others the most.


It is reported that Charlotte Dawson, reached out to someone struggling with depression, just two weeks before she took her own life. This doesn’t surprise me, her empathy is obvious in many things she did. Many who knew her, said she was always helping people, always supporting people, always ready to give anything to help others.

Knowing suffering, and trauma, abuse, depression – can make you have great empathy for others and truly and deeply want not one to suffer and to not suffer alone. Empathy and an understanding of the pain, can be the greatest support and validation another person can receive.

I know when my healing community page was up and running for over a year, the posts I would write, were so raw and real, that other survivors related to them deeply, related to the honesty, related to the expression of the emotions, fears, the journey and provided a greater depth of understanding, than mental health professionals will have, if they have no personal experience of suffering.

There is greater validation, from someone who personal understands. No-one can understand the depths of being suicidal, of deep and prolonged fear, the darkness of deep shame, unless they have endured it. Continue reading


Suicide is very real, should not be ignored, or dismissed as weakness, or selfishness.


It is very upsetting, to see how much of the general public’s reaction, to the recent suicide of Charlotte Dawson, has been so negative, re-traumatizing, shame inducing, lacking any empathy, condemning, deeply hurtful and completely wrong.

All based upon lack of education, biased opinions, lack of empathy and so many people believe they are entitled to have an opinion, about something they haven’t experienced.

Just what I have seen on the news alone on the internet, is bad enough. I am glad I am not on social media, because I would be deeply upset to see more of these horrible reactions, particularly if it was anyone I knew.

I was thankful, to see this, which highlights, how a strong, mature, intelligent woman, can become suicidal, due to PTSD from childhood abuse. Tracie O’Keefe is very brave to speak up publicly about her own battles with suicide, and I thank her for that. As well as all her work as a therapist, to help people down off that ledge.


Having done so much research, been suicidal myself many times, I am very aware of how it feels to get to the point, where life becomes too painful, to endure. Continue reading

Using Charlotte Dawson’s abortion ‘only’, by Fred Nile for his own agenda, is digusting.

I have seen Fred Nile’s Facebook page and his comments about Charlotte Dawson – that are ONLY about the abortion.


Typical of a weak, abusive Christian, who wants to zone in on a person’s sad death, for his anti-abortion campaigning.

Did Fred Nile say anything about the child abuse she endured – NO.

Did Fred Nile say anything about the abandonment by her mother – NO.

Did Fred Nile say anything about the bad relationship that she had with her step father – NO.

Did fred Nile say anything about the deep affect this will have had on Charlotte Dawson – No

This will have all been the reasons, for who she was, and why she made choices she did later on.

But, Christians, don’t like to talk about how abuse, can hurt and damage people in a life long way. Too much abuse being condoned within Christianity. They just focus on the sins they feel safe to talk about and bully others about.

What a weak, disgusting, abusive man Fred Nile is, to ONLY use the abortion in his post, for his own agenda. Continue reading

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Psychologists state “Online trolls are psychopaths and sadists”


I have long believed that online trolls that deliberately choose (premeditated), to cause harm to others, are sociopaths, because it is planned, it is meant to cause harm, they do have complete disrespect for any humanity, have no conscience and want to cause harm to the person.

And it is well documented how mental and emotional abuse can often cause far greater harm than physical abuse.

I had a recent onslaught of abuse on my healing community page, which I have now closed down for a while. One man was highly abusive, including an onslaught of abusive language telling me to F*** Off, and another immediate comment where he stated he would ‘catch me and eat my heart raw and barbecue the rest’.

This was in response to me posting a quote that stated children and women’s protection from abuse and domestic violence needed increasing and be a priority.

This man’s comments to me, are from the mind of a highly sociopathic/psychopathic mind – to even think these types of thoughts, let alone write them on someone social media. And this isn’t the first time I have had such disturbing comments and abuse directed personally at me.

When you already low and feeling close to being suicidal, this can push you over the edge.

Abusive comments that occur on social media – such as this kind of abuse and even more so – the ones inciting suicide or death threats, as the late Charlotte Dawson received – need laws meaning these abusers can be found and dealt with under law, with suitable consequences.

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SOCIETY needs to start TALKING appropriately about SUICIDE, and that it is NOT weakness…

I read this article and I agree this needs to be discussed, openly, appropriately.

Good, strong people commit suicide, because the pain and hopelessness of living, becomes greater than their capacity to bear.

The fact they lived so long, battling it – is a massive testimony to their strength, not weakness.


Exerts from this article…

Charlotte Dawson was found dead in her home in Woolloomooloo on Saturday.

What is it about that wording that is so unsettling? Charlotte Dawson struggled for many years with depression and, most recently, was hospitalised after being hounded by internet trolls. She then came out in a TV interview as suicidal, after which she began actively and vocally engaging with some of those who bullied her online. She was a brave, passionate, driven woman whose life over the past few years was difficult, to say the least.

She was harried by depression, hounded by bullies, and buffeted by career changes which would leave anyone vulnerable, let alone someone with real, genuine mental health problems. She attacked her issues head on, and the press is buzzing with speculation about what led her to where she ended up. What heady, horrible cocktail of circumstances and misfortunes pushed her.

But no news outlet I’ve seen has addressed the real problem here.

Charlotte Dawson committed suicide.

There. I said it. She committed suicide. Continue reading

More Info Comes Out About Charlotte Dawson And I Deeply Relate.

It has been revealed that she was sexually abused as a child by an elderly neighbour, had been abandoned and adopted when very young, had a very ‘difficult’ relationship with her step father and had an attraction to narcissistic men.

So was a survivor of many kinds of abuse, sociopathic, narcissistic abuse, abandonment, neglect, sexual abuse. This is so unbelievably close to home for me. So much is so similar to my childhood.


I ‘knew’ there would be more, about her childhood.

I ‘knew’ there would be more to her, that I relate to, because I understand who she was.

I understand her being outspoken, opinionated, and feeling so much pain for others, and herself due to people’s cruelty.

I understand her passion for honesty and being upfront and open about all she was. Continue reading