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Yay! Advice on how to be a happy Empath/HSP.


Have you always known there was something “different” about you? Does the world seem to bombard your senses? Have you intuitively known things that others didn’t? Is it all pretty awesome EXCEPT: you’re so worn out, overwhelmed, emotional, stressed and maybe even medicated that you wonder how you fit in? (and how you fit into your life?)

Well, this site is for you. You the intuitively gifted, emotionally perceptive, astutely sensitive and sensorily overstretched. I am like you, and it took me quite a while to figure out what that was exactly.

You see, it all gets a lot better when you figure out what that sensitivity is exactly, how it works, and how you can best work with it, in your own unique way. There is nothing wrong with how you were built. It’s just that, you were likely told you were a mountain bike, when in fact, you are a less sturdy but very agile and fast racing bike. You’ve been driving yourself down muddy tracks and wondering why things felt so wrong. So here’s why, your way of relating to the world is different, your way of traveling through the world is different, and your way of knowing the world is different. You are definitely a bicycle, just a different type.

So, to get the most out of your qualities you need to reorient yourself (what is being sensitive all about?) you need some training (racing bike pedalling techniques) and you might need some guidance and help (turn left, brake, you can do it!).

Welcome to the Happy Sensitive. The place where you are NOT told that you will just have to deal with being a badly designed mountain bike (and that, what’s up with you for apparently lacking humongous shock absorbers anyway?!). The place where you will NOT be told that if you can’t navigate down that muddy track, you just have to try harder. The place where you will NOT be told that being “Highly” is a euphemism for “overly” “exaggerated” and “weirdo” Sensitive. Rather, here it’s all about being sensitive and happy.

Empath, Highly Sensitive Person, Burden Bearer – whatever it is called – I am one.


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An empath is a highly sensitive person who can literally feel other people’s emotions as their own. They feel everything and sometimes to the extreme. They are quite giving, spiritually attuned, and world-class listeners.

This might sound pretty cool, but I assure you that it can be a curse if you do not understand what is happening to you. When I found out I was an empath, it came at a time of emotional breakdown, which is not the optimal time to discover this! You can literally be walking around with a lifetime of accumulated karma, emotions, and energies of others. Until you learn about empaths and hone your skills, it can be an overwhelming experience to absorb everyone’s emotions around you.

Dr. Judith Orloff, emotional freedom expert, states that empaths can become angst-sucking sponges. She states that this can lead the empath sucking up negativity and lower frequency vibrations in an atmosphere and become exhausted. They are easy targets for emotional vampires, whose fear or anger can ravage empaths. It’s difficult for them to see the beauty around when they are full of emotional angst. They may have trouble in relationships due to being highly sensitive and needing time and space alone.

Empaths have unique variations in the central nervous system. The sensory organs have low thresholds resulting in high sensitivity to light, sound, and smell. I remember literally feeling my nervous system shaking inside. I never understood what was going on.

Are you an empath?
•Can you feel what other people are feeling?
•Do people tell you that you are “too sensitive” or “too emotional”?
•If a friend or partner is distraught, do you start feeling that as well? Continue reading

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Another Empath Expressing Much Of What I See In Our ‘Apath/Narcissistic’ Society


This was good reading, and echoes a lot of what I understand about society and the huge proportion of how he terms them “apaths/minions/selfish/lazy/cowardly types” – and he states….

“You see, its a form of retardation. No– really. I’m not kidding. Their brains are fucked up.”

Interesting and certainly a lot more bluntly stated, than I would express it.

Yes, I agree, the largest proportion of the population, are lacking in emotional intelligence, selfish, cowardly, ‘all about me’, often narcissistic, and I have seen this very clearly.

I also agree they have more ‘issues’ than they will ever realise, or acknowledge, or have to capacity to understand, because their self insight, is also very lacking, plus their ego’s won’t let them admit, just how lacking they are.

I guess you can call their emotional development – retarded. And I do see how they are actually ‘fucked up’, but have no clue.

Denial and ignorance…….is a safe place to live. For them.

They sure do love their ‘easy lives’ and fight hard to keep it that way. Their capacity to ignore all the real suffering in this world, is impressive, but very sad and very immature. Continue reading

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Empathy Distress Fatigue, a more appropriate term than Compassion Fatigue

I have read a fair amount compassion fatigue and I know it is not just about caregivers (although that has been my role since childhood), and I have some symptoms, withdrawing, wishing I didn’t have empathy, wishing sometimes that I could not care like the 60% of the population that are apaths.

I don’t have that ability to have apathy, or be an apath, without withdrawing from society completely. I hate apathy. It’s what causes so much harm in this world.

Apathy is about selfishness, weakness, lack of empathy, being ‘all about me’, not being willing to take a stand for honesty and truth, ignoring sin and harm caused, minimizing other people’s suffering, enabling suffering – all the things I hate in this world, because I see the greater effects it has for millions of people suffering.

I have always known there are far more apathetic people like this. I have seen them all my life, and I need a break from society and all these people.

Most people I know and have met are apathetic. They delude themselves, to believe they have some level of empathy, but they don’t. When you scratch the surface of their shallow character, I can see they have no empathy at all. No emotional intelligence and mostly the ‘good’ they do is actually self serving to make themselves feel better, not for others at all and I can spot this a mile off. And this to me is lying, deceiving people, and I can see that too.

And this distresses me. Because people in the world are suffering, and most people who are not suffering, don’t give a shit. they just complain and whinge about their minor life issues, like having a cold, or not sleeping well one night. Pathetic. They clearly ignore all the ‘real’ suffering in this world.

‘Apathy is the world greatest weapon of mass destruction’. A quote I agree with completely.

This following is an exert from Oxford Neuroscientists…

Empathic Distress Fatigue Rather Than Compassion Fatigue? Integrating Findings from Empathy Research in Psychology and Social Neuroscience

Olga Klimecki

Tania Singer

In this chapter, we discuss the role of empathy as the main precursor for prosocial behavior, taking perspectives that span from social and developmental psychology to social neuroscience. Continue reading