Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Ending 2016, in a nice way.

My husband is working (which is good) and myself and my boys, are spending New Years Eve together.

We have kindly been invited to a friends house for dinner. Their son, is my 7 year olds best friend and they are in the same class in 2017.

I have recently become friends with the family, and we have clicked. I find the mum very easy to talk to. She’s intelligent and we can have decent conversations. She’s as pleased as I am that our sons are friends, because they are good kids, who are mature for their age.

They are a really nice family, and I feel much gratitude for being invited over.

Today, I have been out with my boys, had a doughnut treat and bought some chocolates and flowers to take later, as a thank you for inviting us.

So, I am spending New Years Eve in a nice way, with my boys and a nice family 🙂 Continue reading


Beautiful gifts, from my beautiful boys for Mothers Day

I have to try really hard on Mothers Day, to focus on my boys, and not on my past. It’s hard, but I always succeed in focussing on what they need, and not how I feel inside.

My boys are very affectionate and loving boys, and they love giving gifts.


Beautiful love heart necklace and earrings ❤ ❤


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Two sleeps to go, til we bring our puppy home :D

My 7 year old, is counting down the sleeps, until we bring our puppy home. We are all so excited to bring her home and give her lots of love and cuddles!

We’ve had fun buying all the things a puppy needs.

I’ve been advised to go to puppy pre-school, which is 4 weeks of learning how to train a puppy and socialising the puppy, which is important.

I really feel this puppy will bring much joy into our lives, and will be such fun for my boys. And good therapy Continue reading


Welcoming this bundle of gorgeous, into our lives :D

Fullscreen capture 20042016 113341 AM

We have finally decided to get a little puppy, which my boys are very excited about. They’ve wanted one for ages, and now it feels like the right time.

I know having a puppy, helps teach empathy, responsibility and is great company for children. It will help give them something to do, which does not involve gaming, gadgets etc – which is constant battle, to keep reduced to a healthy amount.

I also know this little girl, will be great company for me too. Dogs, can be very therapeutic and I can chat away to this little girl, all day long 🙂 Continue reading


Being a mother, always keeps me going.

The last few weeks, have been pretty dire. Lots of issues, lots of realizations, lots of painful stuff to deal with. It’s knocked me around emotionally. Knocked me down. Really down.

I’m aware, when I’m at my lowest, my children are why I keep going.

Today, is my little boys 7th Birthday. We went to the local zoo and he loved it. Seeing him having such fun and seeing the joy in my children, made me know why I keep going.

I could very easily have stayed in bed, and just cried all day. But, I got up, and did what was needed, so my little boy had a great day.

It has been a really good day.

And an exhausting day.

I love my children.

And even when I feel like I have nothing else… I know I have my boys.


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Delightful Christmas Eve :)

It’s been such a lovely day….. some gardening in the morning, and then Christmas baking with my youngest.

We went to Church for the Christmas Eve service, which was very family orientated and really delightful. The female minister is so great with the kids, welcomes noise and doesn’t expect kids to be quiet. So it’s very relaxed and welcoming. She organised such fun for the children – involving them in singing, a Christmas quiz and having lots of little gifts for them all. I was so thankful for it all 🙂

When we got home, my youngest delighted in putting out homemade cookies & milk for Santa and carrots for Rudolph and Co. It was so cute watching my sons so excited 🙂


Nearly finished wrapping all the pressies 🙂 Continue reading


Perfect day out at the beach :)

My family and & love the beach. We are blessed to live near some beautiful beaches and have such a great climate and weather.

We had a wonderful day…. the weather was perfect, the ocean was warm, the sand so white and it was not too busy. I was mindful of every perfect moment.

I love this pic of my 6 year old, skipping and jumping along the sand, down to the water.


Watching my children playing, laughing, smiling…. seeing the joy on their faces, is priceless. Continue reading

I cherish the good times, but don’t minimize the pain of the bad times.

When I feel really low, I don’t minimize that, but I do look at pictures of recent times, when I did feel real joy, happiness and fun, which is always when I am with my children. Their joy, is my joy. Their smiles, their laughter, their silliness, their gorgeousness – is my joy.

These are a few of the pics I look at, to remember that no matter how bad it gets, there is always good to come, and it is worth it.