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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


My Inner Child’s Favourite Mug :)

I bought this mug the other day, as a little giggle to myself.

I (and my inner child) love fairies, unicorns etc. And I’ve known far too many vile human beings.

So this mug, is very appropriate. Especially for my inner child.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario




‘Maybe it’s Maybelline’ joke, still making me giggle…

Someone made me giggle on my Facebook page. And I am always up for some humour when I can feel it.

I shared the blog post about my childhood and how I was a good, decent, compassionate person – despite being raised and surrounded by toxic people.

A community member posted this…. 🙂


Still making me giggle……. and I am completely okay with that.

I liked the “I too am bloody lovely”. Yes, we are!!!!! 😀 😀

I know I’m doing well, when I can find humour in the darkness. Continue reading


I need to work on my ‘approach’ with people…

I’m what some would say ‘a straight talker’. Verbally, I say things quite bluntly – how they are.

People often don’t respond to ‘blunt’. They need a softly softly approach. And that’s the verbal communication style, I need to learn.

I emailed my counsellor today, to let her know I realise the following phrase, whilst true, about church people’s lack of keeping children safe , enabling predators, and absolute lack of wisdom…. is not gonna get church people to listen…

“You think you are full of grace, mercy and compassion…… but really you are just full of shit”.

I did have a giggle to myself. Because I can see how many church people would react to that!

When I know I need to work on something….. I do.

But, after a really shit weekend, it was good to have a giggle.

giggle gif.gif


Made me giggle… at least some people ‘get’ Chopra.

chopra BS book

I do find it sad, the amount of people who fall for the BS, spouted by people like Chopra. And even worse, how many raise his needy ego, right up on the pedestal where he wants to be placed.

The power of rational thought, critical thinking/analysis and wisdom, eludes many. Which is sad. But, I have to admit, this book title, did make me giggle. I am glad some people know exactly what people like Chopra, are really all about.

Of course, those who wish to be duped by Chopra, will not find this amusing and that’s okay. We are all at our own level of consciousness and understanding. Sadly though, Chopra attracts to him – people like him.

I have had my understanding of how unwise and irrational Chopra is, in counselling. So, I was glad to have that validated as correct. Continue reading