Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


People’s entitlement to uneducated, ignorant, hurtful opinions.

I am venting.

I get very frustrated by ‘opinions’ about serious matters, I see clearly lead to harm caused to people. Especially when children are being harmed.

They say everyone is entitled to an opinion. Sounds great, except for all the opinions based upon a foundation of ignorance, a lack of education about the issue and a lack of empathy.

No good comes from this.

There are also those who demand their ‘right to an opinion’, or to ‘tell the truth’ – purely with the motivation behind it, of hurting people.

Again, no good comes from this.

Both of these, irritate me. Because they cause harm. And I care about the harm being caused. I don’t want people harmed. Continue reading

I realise I get ‘crazier’ to some people. And it’s a positive.

wisdom and consciousness

I am aware I have always been ‘different’ to your average person, who has experienced a more average life. I’ve been described as ‘different’ in many ways. ‘Kooky’, ‘quirky’, ‘crazy’ etc. And I now I accept I am different. Not better than anyone. But different.

One of the greatest flaws in humanity, is the general incapacity to accept anything that is not personally understood. And the way most people deal with this….. is to reject and dismiss, mock and invalidate….. as per the need many have to remain ignorant, unwise and lacking in insight. And it is a choice.

Many people, also cannot bear to be ‘wrong’. The human perilous ego.

So, I have also accepted I continue to grow in my differences to many. But, this is down to my wider life experiences, my capacity to learn, be wrong, have insight and self honesty. Continue reading