Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Only insecure people will be ‘threatened’ by my achievements.

“Never argue with a fool,

they will drag you down to their level

and beat you with experience”

~ Mark Twain

On my personal Facebook account, the blurb about myself states I am a published writer, award winning blogger and website author. All completely true. These are accomplishments I have achieved, through hard work, deep inner work, deep honesty and the choice to learn, grow and seek truth and wisdom.

It is okay to feel good about accomplishments. Something some insecure people don’t seem to like. Whereas, I am really happy and encouraging of other people’s accomplishments. I promote other people’s accomplishments. I promote people’s work on my website and here on this blog. I am not threatened by the success of others, I encourage the success of others.

It is interesting when commenting on posts on Facebook about news reports and current affairs and if stating something people don’t like, I receive pathetic comments e.g. ‘”go back to your award winning blog”. And name calling. *sigh. And this means they have gone to my FB profile and read up about me. Clearly, my views, have bothered them that much.

“Don’t try to win over the haters,

you’re not the jackass whisperer”

~ Brene Brown

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Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens

knowledge speaks

Only those who have the capacity to really listen and hear…. gain wisdom.

This is why the human ego is a pesky critter. It gets in the way of growth, maturity and wisdom.

The human ego is a like a road block. Any many people stop growing emotionally in the childhood and teenage years. They don’t progress along the emotional development, maturity path.

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Be prepared for those who invalidate your healing & growth.

Following my last blog post, I received great responses, including from mental health professionals. That post being about my capacity to no longer take other people’s issues, personally.

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Mark is a mental health professional, who often shares my work

and responded positively.

I’ve worked really hard on this particular issue. Having being blamed and scapegoated in truly profoundly damaging ways, I used to always assume any issue, was my fault, and I let people walk all over me as result.

Now, I don’t. I recognise other people’s issues, are theirs. And I now have the capacity to not absorb, or internalise other people’s issues.

This shows great healing, growth and maturity, in this one area alone.

Sadly, the blog post was wrongly interpreted by one person, as being about detachment from society and people. And therefore deemed to be unrealistic. This issue itself, is not about me – the negativity and invalidation projected – is about that person and their incapacity to achieve what I now am able to. Continue reading


Whatever! I’m going to bed! Flounces off… Good! Bye bye narcissism.

I am in my healing journey, trying to process, grieve and heal severe complex trauma.

I am also an empath, meaning I absorb people’s emotions, good and bad. I’ve always been this way, because I learned to very skilfully read people, young. I was an adult in my childhood, due to parentification abuse, having to be my mothers caretaker and the mother to my sisters. I also learned deep emotions very young, due to so much abuse and needing to worry and parent my sisters. 

The biggest downside of being an empath, is I pick up and absorb other people’s negative moods and I also sense what is causing them.

Like just now with my husband. He’s in one of his moody, feels ‘hard done’ by, grumpy, projecting – by complaining about issues in others – that he himself is more guilty of. He’s sullen, snappy and I know he’s winding me up, only because he is in a bad mood. When I respond, I receive back the highly immature ‘whatever’ complete with teenager attitude, which annoys me all the more. FFS grow up. Then, as per usual – once he’s wound me up, oh he then doesn’t ‘want’ to speak anymore and I get the silent treatment. My ‘narc radar’ now on full alert, red flags had been popping up in every word he utters, all his body language, his facial reactions, the tone in his voice and now the sullen silence – all so evident of the regression into that of a teenager. Typical narcissism because he’s tired and he becomes ‘all about me’. ‘Entitled’ to annoy and wind everyone else up.  Which many people act like when tired, especially men, who are more prone to narcissism, as per psychology.  Continue reading

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Am I too hard on people, or are most people capable of more…?

Having processed my level of wisdom is beyond my years and this is why I feel very different to so many people around me, and see so much harm, abuse, unhealthy focusses and society travelling in the wrong direction…

I want others to know and see there is more to life, there are people who need help and society is immature and increasingly so.

I read that the level of maturity people are meant to reach at 30, most now don’t reach until 50, and the level meant to be reached at 50, most never reach.

And I see many reasons why.

My heart is that I do not want this for anyone, for society. I don’t want this harm it’s causing, I want people to learn what I have. I want to people to have less of all I see in life that is not of virtue.

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It is such an immature mind, that only wants to ‘focus on the good in people’.

Society loves to promote so many unhealthy ways to think.

‘Focus on the good”
‘A beautiful mind only looks for the good in others’
‘Don’t talk about people faults, instead encourage their strengths’
“Always expect good to happen’
And many more like this.

Hardly reality is it.

This is very immature and all about giving yourself an easy life. There is good and bad in all of us. And neither should be ignored.

Yes, it is ‘reality’ that some people do have considerable more bad in them and do terrible things to other people. So, is it okay to avoid, ignore this. No, because that is enabling them.

I’m not ever promoting that we hate people. But ‘ignore the bad in people?’ Really!? That is not the way to help people to be healthy, by avoiding the bad in people.

That is just apathy and choosing an easy path for yourself, and both of these are rife within society. Continue reading