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No You’re Not An Empath, INFJ or HSP. You’re A Narcissist

I will be writing a blog in this soon, because this is something I see occurring all too often. Narcissists are delusional about themselves, and will do anything to justify their ‘oversensitivity’ – which is in fact narcissistic sensitivity. Not empathic sensitivity.



When narcissists delude themselves into believing they are INFJ’s.

INFJ – is one of the personality types in the Myers Briggs Personality tests, which are based upon the work of Carl Jung.

I am an INFJ. I have a strong sense of justice, intuition, right and wrong, a capacity for empathy and motivation matters to me. These strengths, are usually far more developed in INFJ’s, than average.

I read an article the other day, how when narcissistic people take these tests, their delusion based answers, can give them a result of being an INFJ.

‘Sensitivity’ is something that is often confused and plays into this delusion. Being oversensitive to criticism, and always reacting badly and immaturely, is narcissism. Whereas, being aware and sensitive of the needs and emotions of others, is empathic sensitivity. There is a huge difference between these. The former, is all about self and self serving. The latter is about others, and others centred.

A popular INFJ page, has posts which are more narcissistic based motivations, than empathy based motivations. They include hurting others, and a sense of entitlement to do that, with no conscience and no remorse.

The posts are often ‘me me me’ based. With little thought as to the effect of this on others. Doesn’t sound empathic to me. Sounds narcissistic to me.

Having considered the posts and the reaction to one post – where I disagreed – it became clear – the admin and other commenters, were in fact narcissistic in their attitudes and responses. They justified their harmful behaviours. Classic narcissism. Continue reading

Accepting Being An INFJ & Alone ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


Some people are just destined to be alone. And I don’t mean because they have no-one in their lives. But, because they have no-one who understands and no-one who ‘gets them’. They are very different to most people.

This is where I am at.

The path less travelled, is a lonely path.

The path of reality, deep insight and honesty and the courage it takes, to face those, is a lonely path.

But, the path I am on. The path I have always been on.

I understand people in my life, are there purely and only for the more surface aspects of life. The more average life issues, that require no depth of thinking, or depth of insight. These shallow life issues, are of no interest to me.

INFJ think

I am a true INFJ…… the person who understands others often far more than they understand themselves…….. but is themselves, rarely understood. Continue reading

The Portriat Of An INFJ – The Minds Journal

This is such an amazing portrait of an INFJ, which is my personality type. I used to be more INFP, but now I am definitely INFJ.

Portrait of an INFJ – Introverted Intuition with Extraverted Feeling

This describes me, 100%.