Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

We are all at different levels of conscious awareness. And it’s lonely, when awakened.


“We are all in different levels of conscious awareness.

It is rare to find people willing and capable of exploring their inner world, their subconscious, what drives their behaviours and emotions. Most never analysing if they are cognitively distorted and requiring the needed maturity and wisdom of growth.

Most people are only aware of their superficial conscious thoughts and needs and remain that way, all their lives.”

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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I need to be more concerned about ‘me’ and my needs.

I feel guilty sometimes, saying people have let me down, hurt me, betrayed me.

This is ongoing issue in my life to be more concerned with what others need/think, than about myself.

I have dealt with a massive amount of betrayal, abuse, denial about it, lies, projection, scapegoating and abuse from many people, all significant people in my life.

I have dealt with more of this over the last 2 years, again from many people. Now, they will all have their reasons, their excuses, whatever, some I understand, some are just BS.

But, the fact remains, that it still had a massive effect on me, and I am not willing to minimize that anymore – for the comfort and convenience of others and how ‘they’ feel.

Sure, people would love me to do that – they are ‘all about themselves’. Well that’s their problem.

I have to be concerned about me, my healing and the effects on my health – that all these people caused with their failures, their non belief, their minimizing what I went through, their failure to listen to me, their judgments etc.

And am I a priority in any of these people’s lives – no. Quite frankly they don’t give a shit.

But ‘I’ am a priority in ‘my’ life.

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