Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


When a liar acts outraged, because you don’t believe them… ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I’ve seen this happen my entire life. Liars, who have pathological/compulsive lying traits, get so upset when you don’t believe them. Outraged, even.

I am so over this.

No normal, reasonable, rational person, would be a liar and then have the audacity to be outraged, because you don’t believe them about something.

All I can say to this…….. if you lie frequently, disrespect someone in this way frequently, have the entitled attitude that lying is okay……….. ‘don’t’ expect anyone to believe you.

And lying continually is abuse. Emotional and verbal abuse.

Then acting outraged, is further abuse.

And having this thinking and not having any conscience, remorse, guilt or shame…. and not caring in any way about the person you are lying to feels ….makes you a narcissistic scum bag. Continue reading


Many more people are contacting me about Simon Buckden

Since the last court hearing (22nd Feb 2106), where Buckden admitted guilt to lying about cancer & PTSD – but with the new excuse of Munchausens, many more people have contacted me.

Sadly, many people have been duped by him. He is a convincing liar. People have confided in me about the abuse and threats they have endured from him.

I’m glad the truth is now coming out. Especially as I have known for over 2 years, exactly what he is. I am hoping there will be no more victims. Continue reading

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Compulsive liars, are morally bankrupt & emotional abusers.

Liars, who continually lie to avoid accountability, to be devious and manipulative, are being emotional abusers.

And I don’t mean the little white lies. I mean lying about the important things in life. To avoid being ‘caught out’. To manipulate people. To do things they should not be doing.

And worse, is when they then tell more lies, to cover the lies they already told. And if that fails – try to blame the person they are compulsively lying to, followed by the silent treatment.

It’s a pattern I have seen all too often. It’s deeply selfish and abusive to the person being lied to, if the person is a partner, or relative, or friend. And when there is no remorse, no conscience, no guilt, no shame, it’s even worse.

lies and truth

And compulsive, or pathological lying are never about…. love, respect, or dignity. Lying is the opposite. A complete lack of love, respect, dignity for the other person. It’s also very immature and quite pathetic. It’s a lack of courage. A lack of integrity. A lack of decency. And often a sign of a personality disorder. Continue reading

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I hate being lied to. So angry….I am now dissociated. Bad language alert.

Lying is abuse.

And narcissistic.

I hate being lied to.

Lying means you know you cannot trust that person.

You cannot trust they haven’t lied about other things.

Especially when what they have lied about, was done with deviousness and was totally unnecessary.

In this case, lying by omission.

Which of course, to narcissistic people, means they believe they haven’t actually lied.

And with that, the dramatics that follow, to deflect away from the lying and devious behaviour.

I hate that I have always been drawn to these types of people.

Why are so many people unable to tell the fucking truth.

Lying to people is abusive. It is planned. It is intentional. It is narcissism. Continue reading