Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


‘Labelling’ behaviours as wrong & having discernment… are wisdom.

Being labelled or considered ‘judgmental’ – is often considered wrong and unkind. Many in society are pushing judgment, to be socially and morally unacceptable.
Yet, there is a huge difference between discerning behaviours as wrong…. and judging and condemning the person.
No matter what society is pushing, no matter what is considered socially ‘acceptable’……… having wise discernment and judging harmful, toxic behaviours as wrong ….. is wise and healthy.
But, these days, people are so concerned with
being labelled ‘judgmental’
they are forgetting how to develop
healthy discernment and good judgment.
~ Lilly Hope Lucario
I don’t give in to society pressure, or what many are pushing, that I see very clearly, is very unwise.
I am often controversial, in not following along like a sheep. Because I consider and think about things to a deeper level and see the bigger picture.
And I am someone willing and able to look at my own behaviours and honestly discern if they are okay, or not.
I am not someone who tells others, not to ‘judge’ another’s actions, so people won’t judge mine. Which is the motivation behind a lot of the people who talk about not ‘judging’ another. They just don’t want their own actions judged. They don’t want to reflect on their own behaviours and motivations.
I don’t care whether someone wants to consider me to be the one who is wrong, for pointing our harmful behaviours.
I don’t care if people label me judgmental.
When someone has toxic, unhealthy, harmful behaviours – it is absolutely necessary, to discern that as wrong. And to point it out, and not accept or enable that behaviour.
It does not make you kind and nicer, or make you a better person…. to ignore harmful behaviours.
It is reckless and unwise.

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So thankful for professional’s feedback :)

I was very thankful to receive this feedback about my article on ‘Questions To Ask Potential Therapists About Complex Trauma’.

See article here published by The Minds Journal http://themindsjournal.com/questions-ask-potential-therapists-treating-complex-trauma-lilly-hope-lucario/

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Amanda Williamson, is a counsellor in UK, see @ http://www.amandawilliamsoncounselling.co.uk/

The Portriat Of An INFJ – The Minds Journal

This is such an amazing portrait of an INFJ, which is my personality type. I used to be more INFP, but now I am definitely INFJ.

Portrait of an INFJ – Introverted Intuition with Extraverted Feeling

This describes me, 100%.



Following a Christian Counsellor’s advice about trolls ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Social media can be great and used in really helpful, positive ways.

It can also be used for the opposite and certain platforms, are like dirty cesspools, for the trolls, sociopaths etc….. to hang out and vomit their darkness.

Facebook and YouTube, seem to be the worst, for trolls and shitty people. Ones who are provoking, and intentionally harming others.

An amazing and insightful Christian ~ Shannon Thomas, of Southlake Christian Counselling, who herself has dealt with trolls. She just blocks them and has this to say to myself and another amazing advocate – about the trolls…

You are two precious souls.

It just shows that the work is effective.

I do identify as an empath as the intuition goes

but it doesn’t hurt my feelings.

Trolls can kiss it for all I care”

I clearly need to not only have resilience, but also attitude, where I do not care in the slightest, as to their BS and blocking them. Continue reading


Drinking less coffee, to help the farmers ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I drink too much coffee. I am tired a lot and take medication, that makes me tired. So, I drink too many coffees a day, to keep me awake and give me some energy.

In Australia, it has become apparent that farmers are being ripped off, by the big supermarket chains, who are all competing to sell the lowest cost milk and bread. The home-brands, are causing huge issues for farmers.

I also know there is an increase within the farming community of suicide. For various reasons, this being one of them.

So, bring on a tight budget, we normally do buy the cheapest home-brand milk. But, now we are not. We’re buying brand names, to help this growing and very concerning farmer crisis. We’re also buying fruit and veg, direct from the local seller at my local gardening centre. They sell locally sourced products only. Including ‘real’ eggs, that are genuinely free range.

But, we need to reduce the amount of milk we purchase, because it is almost double the price. Which is not a bad thing. Continue reading