Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Does Brian Houston really think he is fooling wise people? Obviously another complete corrupt cover up.


A Mega Church filled with people listening to wolves in sheep’s clothing and their evil perpetrator protecting abuse.

Numbers of followers – does not indicate the spiritual health of a church….although their ego’s will want to believe differently.

Who are these all these abusive churches led by?

Well I can tell you now….it isn’t Jesus.

And in all of this……….who cared about the victims?

No-one….until the RC forced many of the them to reveal all their dirty, sinful, evil secrets.

Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston told a royal commission that there may be more victims of his paedophile father Frank Houston who have yet to come forward.

In his final day of evidence, the evangelical preacher told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse of learning the extent of his father’s alleged predatory acts in the 1960s and 1970s.

He told the commission he first became aware of allegations of abuse in 1999 but learned in 2000 there were further claims involving six boys in New Zealand.

Never charged: Frank Houston .

When asked by counsel assisting, Simeon Beckett, whether he accepted that Frank Houston had abused other children, Brian Houston responded: “We probably don’t know how many. We may never know how far it went.”

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I have already blogged about this – the legal system benefits the accused, not the victims.

“The legal system is designed to protect men from the superior power of the state but not to protect women or children from the superior power of men.

It therefore provides strong guarantees for the rights of the accused but essentially no guarantees for the rights of the victim.

If one set out by design to devise a system for provoking intrusive post-traumatic symptoms, one could not do better than a court of law.”

Judith Lewis Herman, Trauma and Recovery 

I have also blogged about how I am so sick of hearing about the ‘rights and needs’ of the abusers.

And not having rights and needs, as a victim of their abuse.

I wrote this in a previous blog…


“It’s always about the abusers. Their rights. Their legal rights. Their human rights. Their mental health. Their issues. Their problems. Their past. How they must be forgiven. How they must receive compassion. How they couldn’t help it. How they didn’t understand what they were doing. How they are hurting inside. How society unfairly judges them. How we must not label them. How we must pray for them. How we must forgive them. The list is endless.

And ‘I’ am the bad person, if I don’t.

More shame, more guilt, more emotional (and spiritual) abuse.

Only from those who I need to help me.

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The term ‘Victim’ – has been turned into something ‘shameful’ – which is more abuse.

Society has done a really good job of turning the word ‘victim’ into something to be ‘shamed’ about.

Which is more abuse.

That’s what people targeted & conned by fakes, frauds, abusers, narcs, sociopaths, paedophiles, sex offenders and all types of abusers etc are…victims.

I have been a victim to many.

Now I am a survivor, but at the time I was being hurt/harmed/lied to – I was a victim. 

This is where a lack of empathy and lack of compassion, becomes very evident. Only people who lack these, choose to ‘shame’ victims/survivors of abuse. And this hurts and harms us more.

The word victim, is **nothing**

to be ashamed of.