Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


For those who love dogs :)

This made me smile and made me cry. The part at the end is very emotive.

For those who love dogs, and I know many who have had tough lives – love animals – this is for you.

Animals can be such amazing company, very therapeutic and give us joy ❤


Distracted by my furbaby :)

My little ball of fluffy joy, is such a beautiful little girl. Second night and she slept all night. She’s adorable, funny, cute, gorgeously scruffy and a big distraction from my normal day to day life.

Which is not a bad thing.


My boys adore her, she is a very excitable play friend. We’re getting to know her personality and found out today, she loves her tummy being rubbed. Continue reading


Welcoming this bundle of gorgeous, into our lives :D

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We have finally decided to get a little puppy, which my boys are very excited about. They’ve wanted one for ages, and now it feels like the right time.

I know having a puppy, helps teach empathy, responsibility and is great company for children. It will help give them something to do, which does not involve gaming, gadgets etc – which is constant battle, to keep reduced to a healthy amount.

I also know this little girl, will be great company for me too. Dogs, can be very therapeutic and I can chat away to this little girl, all day long 🙂 Continue reading