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Thank you for your wisdom Cate Blanchett – Tertiary Education should be free.


Cate Blanchett was invited to speak at Gough Whitlam’s memorial service at Sydney Town Hall earlier today. If the thinking was that she’d be a harmless, crowd-pleasing celebrity guest, old m8 Cate didn’t get the memo; she came out swinging but good.

Right off the bat, she highlighted free education and healthcare as two of the things she wouldn’t have succeeded without, which most of the crowd loved and made for some pretty fantastic shots of various government ministers looking deeply unimpressed.

“When I heard that Gough Whitlam had died, I was filled with an inordinate sadness, a great sorrow.

“The loss I felt came down to something very deep and very simple: I am the beneficiary of free tertiary education.

“When I went to university, I could explore different courses and engage with the student union in extra-curricular activities. It was through that that I discovered acting.

“I am the beneficiary of good, free healthcare that meant that the little I earned after tax and rent could go towards seeing shows, bands, and living inside my generation’s expression.

“I am the product of an Australia that engages with the globe, and engages honestly with its history and its Indigenous peoples.

“I am a small part of Australia’s coming of age, and so many of those initiatives were enacted when I was three.

Tony Abbott’s whole row just kind of sat awkwardly during that bit while everyone else clapped. It was great.

I doubt Sir Tony listened, or could even appreciate the wisdom Cate was speaking.

Those who are so needy for there to be class division, like too many middle class people ‘need’ – won’t care.

There are counties in Europe who have free tertiary education – and their economies are flourishing. Far more wise in their wisdom and social/emotionalintelligence/political development.


Glad to see validation. A psychologist with the same insight as I have, into Abbott and pals.

The latest revelations about the Abbott Government have led psychologist Lyn Bender to wonder: is Prime Minister Tony Abbott incapable of human feeling?

THE psychopath may be smart even highly intelligent, but lacks empathy and is a chronic manipulator.

He is morally bankrupt due to this lack of empathy and narcissism. What he doesn’t feel, he mimics to further his own ends.

The psychopath or sociopath is careless of others feelings, exhibits no guilt or remorse, lies compulsively and acts impulsively with little regard for the consequences of those actions.

Grandiosity inflates a sense of getting away with anything.

The focus is never on reparation — but on escaping any responsibility for the harm inflicted on others.

The drive is essentially narcissistic, even if it is paraded as altruistic.

The psychopath may become enraged at accusations, and aggressive and defensive, even if those accusations are grounded in fact.

Behaviours and responses that appear to contradict the lack of empathy are, in fact, part of manipulating others to further the psychopath’s own ends. The actions are thoroughly Machiavellian with the end justifying the means — but the ends are narcissistically focused.

Sound like anyone you know?

The latest revelations about the Abbott Government’s manipulation, deceit and lies have led me to wonder: is Prime Minister Abbott incapable of human feeling?

Previously I have asked questions in IA about Abbott and his team — concerning idiocy, insincerity, and being a headless chook.

The latest revelations − I mean allegations − of blatant lies regarding the Government have led me to confront, a profoundly serious fear — a scarily looming terror.

No, it’s not the Joe Hockey fictional budget crisis.

What is keeping me awake at night is the following nagging thought:

“What if Prime Minister Tony Abbott just a psychopath?”

Surrounding himself with like-minded ministers advisors and old cronies, Abbott is forging his way towards his version of a small government free market quasi neo conservative nirvana. Continue reading


My political views are simple, and would be very unpopular, for many.

My political views on tax etc, are very simple and would be very unpopular, with many.

Including many middle class people and some people I know.

I believe we are blessed, to bless others.

Therefore, if you have been blessed with the capacity to earn lots of money, you should be very thankful, and have empathy to see others haven’t.

I believe in taxing the rich more than they are, because they ‘do not need’ above a certain level of income.

And I do agree with work for the dole, for those not working, who don’t have a child to care for, who are meant to be seeking employment.

I do not agree with making lower income, sick, elderly people pay to go to see the doctor.

And I believe education, should be free to all. Including Uni.

What you do not need, you should be willing to share.

‘That’ is what would make this world, a far better place.

Never going to happen, but that is what is needed.

I have learned, to be content with the lower income, we have. I am content with the lack of luxuries the society I live in demands. Even wise people I know – I believe do not share enough.

I don’t need expensive holidays, jewellery, material possessions, expensive clothes, a fancy house, in fancy ‘address’, or an expensive car etc.

I am truly content, with what God has provided for us. And I have known for some time now, that I could not be a ‘rich’ Christian – because there is no such thing.

Needing, more than we need, and not sharing the excess we do not need – is selfishness.

And not of Jesus.

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Tony might get dumped within a week – Oh Please God!! I hope so. Along with his budget.


This is probably just gossip – but it would make my day to see this happen.

Along with the budget being dumped in the next week, too.

Poor Tony’s ego, will not cope though. He’s already ‘hurt’ that people ‘dare’ to be angry with him, for hurting vulnerable people and supporting the rich.

I realise there is a level of the dark triad traits, in many politicians – but Tony’s is off the chart.

Maybe he won’t get his ‘knighthood’ after all. He will be even more upset.


I think it’s sad that people like my doctor ‘won’t’ see Tony Abbott is a narcissist.

It is true, that people will see people the way they wish to perceive them, for their own needs.

My doctor knows a lot about mental health, and yet supports Tony Abbott as PM and the Liberal party. And is a church goer, who is meant to care about the sick, ill, elderly, vulnerable, oppressed, poor – like Jesus.

My doctor is also middle class.

Tony Abbott clearly has narcissism, even down to needing to show off in his budgie smugglers on TV.

I can spot narcissism and narc traits so easily now, due to personal experience of enduring them and psychology knowledge of what their traits are.

And so should my doctor be able to.

Narcissism, is not ever a good virtue to have to the level people like Tony Abbott have it. It is selfish, lacks empathy, actions all for self, arrogance, pathological lying, lacking remorse, lacking insight and never about the good of others.

This should not exist in politics, but sadly it does, throughout politics.

But Tony Abbott is such a classic very obvious example.

But my doctor wants to think about the good in Tony Abbott, to excuse the bad. And to me, that is sin. And apathy.

How my doctor and people like her, cannot/won’t (maybe does but does not care) see all the lies he very deliberately told prior to the election, and now has gone against, and all his narcissism, is beyond me.

Hellooooo Australia – Tony Abbott is a pathological liar – do you not see that?

Tony Abbott didn’t lie the way he has for Australia’s good – he did it so he could be PM.

He even told his mother, he would either be PM or the Pope – delusions of grandeur from a young age.

And he succeeded, any way he could, with lies and trampling all over whoever he needed to – to get what he wanted – the ultimate ego boost for Tony – PM.

I think people like my doctor, choose to not see this, because it suits middle class needs and views, and quite frankly why would you care that poor people can’t afford to pay $7 to see the doctor, when your income is a high as hers and her lawyer husbands has been and you can afford anything you want.

When you are in a place of ease and comfort financially, why would you care about the poor. Why would you care that disabled people have to choose between eating, or medical help?

I’ve been in a situation where I had a loaf of bread to eat all week, because I didn’t have enough money.

I’ve been in prolonged situations of being hungry with not enough food, to know what hunger feels like.

I look at my situation and think if I didn’t have my husband, and I was on disability pension support and family assistance, I wouldn’t be able to afford the uniforms needed to send my child to the local catchment ‘state’ high school he is at, or afford to go to the doctor myself, because I wouldn’t have any spare money at all, for that.

So I think about people who are genuinely needing benefits and how they are being affected by this budget. And many genuine people are going to suffer greatly, while the rich – who only have what they have because they have been ‘blessed by God’ – don’t give a shit. And don’t share enough.

Yes, there are dole bludgers and I agree that is not okay – and I agree with work for dole. Continue reading


I’m trying hard to avoid politics, but I seriously want to swear at Tony Abbott.

The budget. How very Christian. Who’s affected? The poor, the ill, pensioners, state education etc.

But the politicians had a $70,000 salary increase.

And his daughter has a $70K scholarship for uni – that he could have afforded to pay for, that could have been used instead for someone on low income.

And this current Gov’t want to ‘end the age of entitlement’ – what a joke. These middle class/upper class people can be the most ‘entitled’ of all.

I seriously pray hard that this Gov’t will not get back in, in the next election.

Prior to being PM, Tony whined on and on about Julia Gillard and her broken promise about the carbon tax.

And yet – the narcissistic hypocrite has broken so many of his own pre-election promises. What a liar. It borders sociopathic lying. Premeditated, ego boosting, win at all costs – lying and manipulation.

I HATE politics and see so clearly how the dark triad traits gravitate towards it.

And all the middle/upper class people who think he is doing good work (Tony’s apath minions) – well of course you would, wouldn’t you – because it doesn’t affect you.

You can still afford your posh houses, your private education fees, your private health care, your fancy holidays abroad. Maybe, if you couldn’t afford to go to the doctor, and had to choose between that or buying food – you would think differently.