Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Quirky….. I am :)

Quirky ~ ‘unusual in an attractive and interesting way’

– Cambridge Dictionaries Online.

I was always an unusual girl ~Lana Del Rey 

always an unusual.gif

The one that was different to the rest of my family of origin (thank God). Different in school. Different in life.

Although I tried so hard, to fit in. But, still always described as ‘different’ – but in nice ways (by nice people).

I am quirky, and I own it 🙂

Quirky, just means someone who is not average. Someone who many people, don’t really understand. Someone who appears different to the norm.

I have a quirky personality. My awareness of the different parts of us, we all have, but most people aren’t aware of, and aren’t connected to. I am connected to mine. The archetypes, I am very aware of. I have a deeper level of thinking capacity, than average. I have a quirky taste in clothes. And taste in craft. I feel no desire to be, or dress like anyone else. I love opp shopping to find bargains. I have a quirky sense of humour. Quirky taste in music. Even the way my facial features are so expressive, has been called quirky. I see, understand, process, discern, and have a capacity Continue reading


I am ‘quirky’. And absolutely okay with that label.

We discussed this in counselling today. All part of my ‘what I am/what I am not’ processing.

People have labels for those who don’t fit the ‘norm’. Who aren’t ‘average’. I’m not the norm and I’m not average. I haven’t had an average life. I don’t have an average personality. I don’t have average intelligence. I don’t have average thinking capacity. I don’t have an average conscience. I don’t have average capacity for empathy, self honesty, insight. I know these are strengths and they are nothing to feel negative about. No matter what other choose to think.

None of my strengths make me better than anyone, but I am someone many people don’t understand. Often people have a tendency to reject what they don’t understand. So, I get labelled in many ways – good and bad, meaning I am different. Which I am. And I am absolutely okay with that.

I not only accept my ‘quirkiness’ – but now I embrace it. I like my quirkiness. I am okay with being different. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. I have self insight.


Those who are okay with my quirkiness, that great. Those who don’t, that’s okay too.

I have no motivation, need or desire, to ‘fit in’, or be validated by anyone. I have no need to try and be ‘normal’ or ‘average’- just to be accepted by anyone. Continue reading