Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

The truth, is a pill many claim to want….

Rarely, do people actually want the truth. They want what makes them feel good. What is comfortable. What makes life easy. And often what gives them the least amount of responsibility.

Apathy and narcissism, are increasing rapidly in society. Two huge worldwide issues, most denied, excused, enabled and justified.

Rarely do people have emotional courage, discipline for honesty, or social/spiritual integrity. 

And even more rare, are the people, with enough courage, discipline for honesty and self insight…able to be honest about themselves.

Truth, is something many claim to want, but few rarely can ever digest.




Covert victim blaming ‘You were given this life, because you are strong enough to endure it’.

I hate this kind of ongoing covert victim blaming.

Society loves it and perpetuates it continually. It is BS and further abuse.

I wrote these two posts about this on my page…

I really dislike the quote ‘you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it’.

Such BS.

This is a form of victim blaming. You are ‘strong enough’ therefore you got it all.

I was given my life – by abusers- and all the abuse in it, ‘regardless’ of whether I am strong enough to live it, or not.

Many people have lives that are too painful to endure. Many end their lives or feel suicidal, that does not mean they are not strong enough.

I wish all these covert forms of victim blaming, did not exist and were not encouraged by society.

Particularly abuse survivors themselves.

And then followed it up with..

Further to my last post about the ‘victim blaming quote’ – ‘You were given this life because you are strong enough to endure it’…

I will also add…..

I do believe ‘some’ can become stronger for it, but that does not in any way mean that is why we had to endure it.

For some, it destroys them completely.

We weren’t ‘given’ it because we are strong enough, at all.

Our abusers didn’t think to themselves ‘I’m only going to hurt her/him, because she/he is strong enough to endure it’. They didn’t care at all, if we were strong enough to endure it. In fact, some abusers wanted the abuse to destroy us.

I don’t like any forms of victim blaming and I won’t tolerate them.

Society is very unhealthy in many of it’s views about abuse and I stand up against them all.

I also dislike and will not tolerate other victim blaming such as;

– Suggesting God ‘gives’ you abuse to in some way teach you something – BS. God is pure perfect love and wants no-one to suffer. But, due to free will, people make choices for others to suffer, and God will use those situations, for His needs, with our best interests always at heart.

– Karma, Laws of Attraction, Buddhism – all forms of victim blaming to suggest you deserve it, need it, encouraged it. BS, all of it.

The blame for abuse is always and only the abusers – they made the choices to abuse. End of.

They also could have chosen, not to abuse. But they didn’t.

There needs to be people willing to speak the truth.

Wise advice – The Starfish Story

I work on the assumption that the majority of people ignore wisdom/truth and want to believe what they want to believe. That’s human weakness/ego/sin for you.

But for every 99 people that ignore something truthful/wise….there will be 1 that considers it.

That 1 person, is always worth the effort.

The 99 who don’t/won’t/can’t listen, laying stranded on the beach….they are not my concern, they are their own concern.

There always needs to be hope.

When you change, grow, are honest, courageous…you lose people.

I posted this onto my peer support page, because I know so many will relate to this. And they do.

So many reasons why this occurs.

Being honest about having PTSD.

Being honest about feeling suicidal.

Growth, beyond those in your life.

No longer being interested in what most people are…materialism, consumerism, image, body image, money…etc.

Being courageous in stating the truth, which people don’t like/want to hear. Continue reading