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How People Deal With Screwing Up, Matters ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

a good apology


People screw up. Some more than others, but to me it’s they deal with what they’ve done wrong that matters…

Do they own their wrongdoing.

Do they apologise.

Do they mean it.

Do they have remorse.

Do they try to put it right.

All of these indicate someone’s true character and whether they are decent people.

It’s always one of life’s biggest tests. How they deal with screwing up. And sadly in my lifetime, all I’ve ever seen is selfish people denying, rationalising, making excuses, gas-lighting, invalidating etc. All typical behaviours of weak, narcissistic, selfish people. Continue reading

Shame, is only needed to felt by the abuser, not the victim ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


Shame gets a bad rap – especially from non insightful mental health professionals.

Shame is a needed emotion – that perpetrators of intentional abuse, do need to feel, in a health dose, that means they have the necessary remorse and willingness to change.

The reason most abusers never change…. is because they don’t feel shame, or remorse. Continue reading


I wonder what my sister thinks about her conversation with Buckden now?

I am aware one of my toxic sisters, decided to chat with Simon Buckden, about me. This was when Buckden was projecting all his own issues, onto me, by telling many people ‘I’ was the fake and fraud. Which was ‘his’ issues all along. Typical sociopathic trait – projecting.

It doesn’t surprise me my sister went out of her way to talk to Buckden – after all ‘birds of feather flock together’.

Now Buckden has been exposed for the sociopathic, narcissistic, lying, fake, fraud and disgrace to humanity….. I wonder how my sister feels about having chosen to contact Buckden and discuss me, with him?

For details of Buckden, see ( https://healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.wordpress.com/2016/02/23/simon-buckden-admits-to-faking-cancer-ptsd/?wref=tp )

I’m sure there will be no remorse from my sister. No guilt. No shame. No doubt there will be excuses, and no accountability for discussing me, with someone as dangerous as Buckden. And I do know she did that as an act of revenge against me, for speaking the truth about our childhoods, our toxic mother and her toxic father.

One thing for sure…….. is how this proves that my sister does not have the capacity to pick healthy people to engage with. Whereas, I worked out Buckden quickly and easily.

If you are reading this dear sister……. maybe you could find somewhere in you, to realise how badly you fucked up, in associating and discussing anything with someone as disgusting and vile as Buckden.

And how dangerous and wrong it was, to discuss me, and my personal details, and speak such lies, to this sociopath?


And maybe this is something you should realise shows you cannot discern people well, which shows your lack of capacity for rational and healthy thinking and lack of capacity to work people out. Which is no doubt part of the issue in being unable to appropriately work out exactly what your own father was, and our mother.

And if you have any tiny amount of conscience within you……… you will apologise and own this very big mistake you made, which seriously reflects your issues.

If anything will spark any way of penetrating that denial you live in, and your incredible wrong views about me……. this should be it. Continue reading