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Pell and the minimizing wording used.

People minimize all the time. This is something I see everywhere. It’s how many people who lack courage – choose to view their own harmful behaviours.

But, it occurs all the more, with abusers. Particularly child sex abusers, child rapists, paedophiles and personality disordered people such as psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists.

“He should have been shaking with grief on behalf of the children destroyed by the powerful men of his church.

Instead Pell called nests of paedophiles a ‘disastrous coincidence’ and described child rape as ‘misbehaving’. It’s just not good enough.”


This level of minimizing and invalidation, removing personal responsibility, lack of empathy, lack of remorse, lack of guilt/shame, no conscience…… are all the types of pathological behaviours of toxic and dangerous people. And paedophiles in particular are very skilled at this.

I get really angry at minimizing. And I’ve noticed just how common this is with church people. They are often very skilled at minimizing.

Child rape is not ‘misbehaving’.

Paedophile rings are not

‘a disastrous coincidence’.

There is absolutely no empathy, no compassion, or concern shown for all the children and their families, affected in such horrific ways by this man and his group of paedophile friends/colleagues.

This cool, detached way he has shown, is typical of that psychopathic capacity to detach from any emotions. And I absolutely believe Pell to be a psychopath, who is allegedly also a paedophile. Continue reading

Reading about Cardinal Pell at the Royal Commission makes me feel ill.

I haven’t listened to him yet. I can’t. I know I be so angry. I’ve seen enough reporting and comments about his bad attitude, to know how it’s going.

I feel really angry, for every single victim. And not just the victims of Pell & his paedophile buddies, but any victim of abuse by church people.

They make sick. Literally nauseous.

I have prayed for every one of the victims. Justice won’t be done though ……… because justice would be Pell and all his friends and the Pope in prison, for enabling and condoning these evil men to destroy childhoods and make children and their families, suffer so severely.

The Pope would know all about Pell and how he enabled his paedophile friends. That makes The Pope as bad as they are. Continue reading

Cardinal Pell compares Church with trucking company at Royal Commission.

Pell compares church to trucking company

Cardinal Pell said it would not be appropriate for legal culpability to be “foisted” on church leaders.

He then cited a hypothetical example of a case involving a woman who was molested by a truck driver.

“It would not be appropriate, because it’s contrary to the policy, for the ownership, leadership of that company to be held responsible,” Cardinal Pell said.

“Similarly with the church and the head of any other organisation.”

This is all about money.

Firstly, the church wanted to just ignore it all, move the paedophile/sex offender/abuser priests around, keep the reputation of the church as a priority, blame the victims, treat the victims in highly abusive ways, keep it all quiet, not contact the police and use the Church’s Lawyers to be complete shameless bastards against the victims – as has previously been proven by the Royal Commission with Cardinal Pell guilty of this.

Now, they can’t keep it all quiet, they have no choice but admit what is occurring and now the concern is all about $$$$.

And don’t think this is just the Catholic Church, it isn’t. It happens in other denominations too.

I have already stated, there is an insidious evil running rampant through organised Christianity, where perpetrators of abuse are enabled, encouraged protected and raised up….and the victims are treated in highly abusive ways and traumatised over and over.

And this is not just sexual abuse and child sexual abuse.  This applies to all the physical, emotional, spiritual abuse to children and women in churches like physical discipline to children – which is abuse. Like all the domestic violence enabled and women told not to leave, divorce and they have to stay and put up with it. All the abuse to gay people.

I do not condone any of this. And more importantly, NEITHER DOES GOD. 

I try to avoid Royal Commission, it upsets me so much…but saw this…

At the Royal Commission today, a ‘Christian’ Bishop asked ‘when did sexual abuse become a crime?’. Then backtracked.

This kind of attitude, is absolutely that of paedophile abusers. They don’t want to believe they are committing a crime.

They are disgusting people, who need removing from society and the fact that so many are within churches, disgusts me.

Abuse is far more widespread in churches, than society realises. I’ve only been a Christian 5 years and I have been abused by a pastor, who got a slap on the wrist and as often occurs, the victim is made to feel not welcome and has to leave.

It is abuse of far greater harm, than people realise.

Protecting and harbouring abusers in churches goes on a lot and quite frankly, I think it is outrageous this occurs and that so many pathetic, weak, apathetic so called ‘Christians’ enabled, allow and encourage this to occur. Continue reading

Powerful message from Hetty Johnston – Bravehearts Inc.

Please consider supporting Bravehearts – they have the passion and the wisdom to know child sexual assault needs to reduce and actually do something about it.

I want Australia to be a safer place for children.

I want children’s rights to live safely….to be the priority.

Not paedophiles and sex offenders having ‘right’s – that enable them to continue harming children – often causing lifelong consequences, suicide and impacting life so deeply.

Children need our voice.

I am NOT apathetic about child abuse – please join Bravehearts Inc – in their action to help reduce child sexual abuse as well.

Tony Abbott has reached an all time low in my opinion of him.

I am trying to avoid politics, but this came up in my newsfeed.

So Tony has withdrawn $4 million from the Royal Commission Into Child Sexual Abuse.

Of course child sexual abuse victims don’t matter to him.

Tony supports paedophile priests and paedophile protectors/enablers, like his mate Cardinal Pell.

It is blatantly obvious to me that Tony lacks empathy, amongst his many other dark triad traits.

When you have the PM not caring about child sexual abuse, it says it all.

And of course, he is such a perfect example of a Christian for Australia too.

But, all the middle class and upper class apath, selfish minions love him.

So that’s the poor, sick, ill, disabled, elderly, school children, and now child sexual abuse victims affected negatively by Tony Abbott.

I don’t understand what is going on in this world, I really don’t.

I feel like I must be in a horrible reality show, where I am the only one who doesn’t know this is actually all made up, a big joke.

I want someone to come a long and tell me, this is all fake, or I want to wake up and know this is all one big huge bad dream.

It can’t be real what goes on, that so many people enable, ignore, don’t care about.

Can it?

I feel like I am having this surreal detachment from this world, from this society. Like I am not part of it really. Here is body, but nothing else.

When Christians, are actually institutional atheists….

This is so true of so many of these people, who claim to be Christians, appearing at the Royal Commission, who have been exposed of the abusive, harmful, re-traumatizing behaviours, and absolutely NON CHRIST like attitudes, of far too many within Christianity, who clearly do not believe God exists – because they could not treat abuse victims the way they have/do, if they did.

And this goes on throughout Christianity.

This is very interesting reading.


I have utter disgust for Cardinal Pell…why….because he serves evil.

Father, this priest keeps molesting me. You poor child, come, I will protect you.

This man makes me feel sick. Throughout the time he was at the Royal Commission, everything I heard from him, the venom in his voice as he spoke about John Ellis, the complete lack of remorse, complete lack of empathy, disgusted me to my core.

His ‘apology’ at the RC, was nothing like a apology and he couldn’t even look at John Ellis – it was simply him reading from a written piece of paper as he knew he had to. It made me feel sick when watching him reading it.

His minimizing of everything, made me feel sick too.

He said ‘sexual abuse was an ugly term’.

Okay, how about ‘CHILD RAPE’ is that better? It is certainly more accurate, you disgusting man.

I don’t care how many Christians think I am wrong, I know a fake ‘Christian’ psychopathic man serving evil when I see it.

What he displayed was not remorse, it was not repentance and if it weren’t for the Royal Commission, he would still be doing what he was doing before it – making victims lives hell and protecting evil paedophiles.

The ONLY reason for the ‘apology’ was the Royal Commission and anyone who believes otherwise is a complete fool and is an sociopath/psychopath apath minion, and a fool. Or as sick as Pell is.

The very fact that he admitted to telling his lawyers to treat abuse victims in such a callous manner, angers me so greatly that I could literally punch him in the face if he stood in front of me. And I am not a physical person.

Neither myself, not any other Christian, has to forgive this man – because there is no remorse, there is no repentance and I will not forgive him, but I will leave it to God to deal with him.

Cardinal Pell serves evil – I believe him to have psychopathic traits and I picked up on that listening to him and all he has done in the past.

I do feel deeply for all the thousands of victims of the Catholic Church and their re-traumatisation at the hands of these men who serve evil – they are despicable, disgusting men and I will not condone their actions like so many are.

And what did the Vatbank do – promote him.

Despicable – all of them.

Way too many ‘Christians’ serving evil.

And few who have the guts to speak up about it.

Christian narcissist/sociopath/psychopath apath minions are everywhere.

Sick. All of them.

I am adding this on 12/4/14.

I was very angry when I wrote this, and I can tell when re-reading it back, because I went straight to labelling them evil and all of them being the same.

Which is not what I actually believe when I am not angry.

I have always been a very protective person, when it comes to protecting children and vulnerable people and feel it necessary to stand up against people who harm others and not ignore it like so many apathetic people do.

This originated in my childhood, where I became my sisters mother in our mothers neglect and knew danger was occurring and tried to protect them. I often took the blame for things they had done, so our mother would be angry with me and not them. My one sister even admitted a few years ago that she knew I was doing this, and would deliberately cause trouble to get me into trouble and she thought it was funny then and still does. That’s the difference between her and I. My sisters like to cause harm to people and see them hurt/upset, I don’t.

So, my overprotecting, caring, overly developed sense of responsibility and need to defend vulnerable people, started very young. And I’m okay with that, because at least someone was trying to look out for my sisters. I was in fact, the only one.

I am usually only ‘feisty’ when it comes to protecting people I love or abuse victims.

This doesn’t, however, change my views on Cardinal Pell having clearly psychopathic traits and absolutely failing victims in a truly callous way. Which is still evil at work.

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Cardinal Pell & Tony Abbott close personal friends…..speaks volumes.


IMO – Cardinal Pell is a disgrace, and so is Tony Abbott.

Tony said of Pell said Cardinal Pell was “a fine human being and a great churchman”.

Pell has proven what kind of man he is – he had to be ‘schooled’ by a judge at the Royal Commission, about ethics, honesty, morality, and what came out of Pell’s mouth was disgusting.

Like his friend, he doesn’t know anything about morality, ethics, humanity, or compassion.

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Cardinal George Pell – Child sexual abuse victims – ‘the enemy’.


I cannot even begin to describe how angry I am at what has come out of Cardinal Pell’s mouth at the Royal Commission.

What’s worse, is the Vatican want to promote him.

His ‘apology’ is not an apology at all.

If a Cardinal needs to be schooled on moral’s, ethical issues, integrity, honesty by a judge – then he needs to be ‘sacked’.

Pell, also needs to be held legally accountable for all his failures – there should be jail time for him, for all the condoning, enabling of paedophiles.

Christianity has far too much of this – treating abuse victims as ‘the enemy’ – I know I have already experienced a little, on a lessor level, but same attitude, only within the Baptist Church.

This is evil occurring.

This is Satan.

This is human sin and humans giving into to evil.

Disgusting, I have no more words.