Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

It’s Necessary For Complex Trauma Survivors – To Understand They Do Not Need To Tolerate Any Form Of Abuse ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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Time for a Facebook break.

I know when I am needing time off Facebook, because I start getting irritated with the unwise posts I see travelling around.

When I cannot just ignore it and it starts bothering me, and upsetting me…… I know it’s time to take a break.fbook-fast-21

When I’m struggling, I find unhealthy, toxic or triggering posts, much¬†harder to deal with.

So, I know avoiding it all, is needed.


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Didn’t take long for the trolls to start being abusive about suicide.

Comments on social media – particularly Twitter have now descended further, to outright attacks about people being embarrassing, attention seeking, weak etc.

I knew this would happen, because I know what humanity is like Рfar too many selfish, lacking in empathy, abusive, coming out to play in their social media playground, looking for ways to vomit their own darkness, to bring others down.

Kicking those vulnerable, while they are already on their knees.

I’ve being advising people repeatedly to avoid media, avoid social media if the current content due to Robin Williams suicide, is affecting them emotionally.

I can see people reacting to provocation – in a highly emotional state. I can see people deliberately winding depressed people up – eg saying suicide is ’embarrassing’ and then when they’ve provoked a¬†reaction – calling the one they have provoked and upset –¬†the bullies.

Typical narcissistic, bullying actions – I’ve seen happening often through my life.¬†I haven’t reacted and just left it alone. I’ve wanted to jump in and defend the person provoked – my protective¬†side of me wanting to help, but I am too fragile to handle it myself right now. Continue reading

Is it a full moon? Seems like all the trolls are out to hunt and prey.

Dealing with trolls on social media is something I am so used to now.

They hunt….

They appear….

They vomit their darkness….

They spew their issues…

They defecate their abuse onto people….

They revel in their darkness…

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Yes, I sure will ban your arse…

I take my role of admin of my community peer support page seriously. I spent a year, trying to reason with rude, unreasonable, narcissistic, angry, nasty people… Then I listened to advice that said ‘why are you even bothering?’.

And it’s true. It’s not my job or responsibility, to fix every unhealthy person. I’ve taken waaaaaaaay too much of that, in the past.

And I do know, I now only endure, what I allow.

So, yes, if you are rude, nasty, inappropriate, unhealthy, mean, narcissistic, passive aggressive etc – then I will ban your arse off my page. I wont be rude to you, or get angry with you. But, I will not tolerate you.

No arguing. No reasoning. I do not have to explain myself. I’m not anyone’s counsellor, or life coach or emotional punch bag.

I’m not here for every unhealthy person, to attack, vomit their shit & darkness onto. And I do admin my page, for the health and well-being of every person there, as I see fit. I understand some may not appreciate, or like that, or agree with my choices, and that is okay….they can take themselves somewhere else, or maybe set up their own page.

I am person, who deserves respect and to be treated with dignity. And I will insist on that.

My own personal facebook, is now just an extension of my work.

I don’t treat my own personal Facebook account, as anything more than an extension of my work now. My real friends, are not on my personal Facebook.

They are just people I know/knew, some of whom I keep in contact with, because I do like them, a few I care about.

But, in no way are any of them, people I consider to be real friends, or people I can have real conversations with, about worthy issues, about things of value.

I have never surrounded myself with people, who are like I am. I’ve always had people in my life who are just your average, non insightful, fairly shallow, egocentric people, self serving, society following poeple. Who care only about themselves.

That is changing.

But, I won’t be adding any of my new friends I have things in common with, to my ‘old’ personal Facebook.

My personal Facebook, represents my old life.

The life I had, prior to ‘waking up’.

And I see so clearly how they are all still ‘asleep’.

Doesn’t mean I dislike them, or think they are bad people, but I have absolutely nothing in common with them.

And that’s okay, because it is their issues, to remain asleep, and it was my choice and my courage, to wake up, so I don’t feel remotely guilty, in stating any of this.

And I do deserve people in my life, who I can relate to and have virtues, in common with.

I am so used to abuse, bullying, lies now, sometimes I wanna say “is that all you got?!”

I am so used to having hateful stuff said to me, done to me, written about me, lies told etc, by abusive types…

That I am now able to deal with it, in a pretty calm manner now. And just see their issues and not react. I know it’s about them, not me.

Sometimes, I feel like saying…..’Is that all you got!?’

Except I don’t, because that just encourages their darkness.

I don’t have to tolerate their issues, and I decide what kind of response is required, if any. But, I definitely see their issues, as I can pick up on them so easily.

I am definitely toughening up. I said in counselling I needed to toughen up, be more resilient to harmful people, but in the right way, and I am.