Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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How you achieve success…. matters.

We live in a society that promotes ‘success’ as being the test of worthiness.

Even severe abuse survivors, are not worthy, if they are not a ‘recovery success story’.


Success, is often seen to be okay, no matter how you achieve it.

‘Success at any cost’…. is how narcissistic/psychopathic people, are encouraged and hailed as ‘gods’.

It matters to me, how people treat others.

Success at any cost, is vile.

Success at the cost of those in your life, is deeply selfish. Continue reading

This is what society is encouraging – increasing egocentricity, narcissism, greed.

I could add a few more to the right hand list….empathy, compassion, honesty, altruism.

Society is now ‘what’s in it for me?’.

‘How will it affect me?’

‘I have a right to my opinion and I will vent it, even if I know it is hurting people.’

‘I can have success at any cost, even if it hurts others along the way’.

‘I can be apathetic about people getting hurt, if it means I stay out of the hassle of having to have courage to be involved.’

‘Not my problem, is it.’

‘Reputation/image, is paramount’.

We need to be reducing mental health stigma – not increasing it.


This poster – the part written in white letters – is travelling social media. I’ve seen it posted by many people now – all with mental health issues.

Society already believes people

with mental health issues

– are dangerous, potentially violent and crazy.

Which is completely untrue,

and is stigma, media is increasing.

I added the words in red, because people need to realise the harm they are doing by posting this, for all of society to see.

Yes, people deal with their issues with humour – as do I – but there is intelligent humour and there is unwise, harmful humour.

It’s bizarre to me, that I have to point this out to so many people and then have to explain it further to people.

Many people truly do not see past their own egocentric needs – and don’t see the bigger picture at all.


Added…I am pleased to see this was liked by many on Facebook and Twitter and shared a lot too. Good to spread awareness of what is harmful and increasing mental health stigma.


I always know which of my posters…won’t be popular. But I don’t write to be popular.


This poster won’t be popular.

Often I have noticed the posters people write that appeal to the ego, the inner child ego state we all have – are the popular ones.

Posters about the reality….we *all* have good, bad and ugly within us – which means we are not ‘amazing’ etc….don’t go down well.

If I wrote to be popular, to have people like me…..that would be narcissism. I accept I will have people not like me because of some of what I write. That’s okay.

I write what I believe to be the truth  because it is what I have faced within myself and I know I need to do this. I am still delving into the depths of my soul. So I share what I am doing myself, because I believe it is needed for others too.

People can choose to ignore it, think it’s crap…that’s okay. I know many will.

If it makes even one person think a little….I’ve done my job. There are people willing to face the immaturity within society and it is those people – these posters are aimed at.


Convicted sex offender/paedophile legally allowed to keep surrogate baby.



Well, actually it is believable and a true indication of our sick and unhealthy society – that allows our most vulnerable citizens – children – to be so unsafe.

This is paedophile/sex offender rights – being more important the safety, wellbeing and rights of children.

This is perpetrator protecting/enabling – clearly on display.

This is neglect, abuse and shows how fucked up our society, legal systems are.

This ‘man’ and his wife, abandoned the twin due to downs syndrome. But, at least she is safer.

Paedophiles and repeat sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated – there is more evidence of that now, than any that says they can.

This little girl – legally allowed to remain in the care of a known, convicted sex offender/paedophile – who committed a ‘string of sexual offences (they are just the ones he was caught for) – will be unsafe every day of her life now, until she leaves home.

I hate this fucked up society in which I have to reside.

I find it so sad how much evilness is glorified by society.

Some of the biggest selling books/movies….

Harry Potter series….

Twilight series……

50 Shades of Grey trilogy…

One of biggest movie series ever – James Bond – a psychopath killing people with no remorse.

Horror movies – so many love them.

All based upon glorifying and enjoying evil.

Halloween, used to glorify and indulge in evil.

I know most people will say this is all just a bit of fun.

Well they can delude themselves with that if they wish…..but I see the bigger, deeper picture.

And I don’t think this makes people bad people, but they just don’t realise what they are doing.

I don’t celebrate or worship evil spirits or

promote darkness and wickedness.

I’ve come face to face with evil and I know it is not something to be celebrating or excusing as a ‘bit of fun’.

It is evil laughing and rubbing his hands together in glee.


Amazing TED talk about compassion.

I’ve always known that when people do things for others….to feel good about themselves….this is narcissism, and nothing to do with empathy, compassion, or altruism.

I’ve seen many people ‘doing good’ for others…..but really it is for themselves.

They won’t admit that of course.

Empathy is rare.

I’m always glad when my psychology understanding, is validated by professionals.


It is not wisdom to tell people to be proud of who they are and not change.

It is really unwise advice to tell the whole of society to ‘be who they are’.

Most people have issues, and don’t grow or mature into all they can be.

Society is becoming increasingly immature, because society promotes ‘being proud of who you are’ – even if unhealthy, nasty, bitchy, bully, egocentric, egotistic, narcissistic, immature, greedy, selfish….

Abuse of every kind is increasing throughout society, mental health problems are increasing, crime is increasing etc…..

Is it wisdom to say to society….’be proud of who you are’ ?

Clearly not. Continue reading