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So Thankful For My Son’s Teacher Telling Me About Her Ex Being A Narcissist

thankful today

I had to talk to my youngest son’s teacher this morning, about my son leaving school early today, for an appointment with a child psychologist. I decided to explain why and that his father is narcissistic. I didn’t know how that would be received, but I needed his teacher to understand how my son is being affected.

I am SO glad I did, because she totally understood and explained her ex – the father of her daughter – is also a narcissist and she has been through hell due to him over the last 6 years. She even had to have 6 months off work, due to him making her so ill emotionally, mentally and physically. She totally understood why I am currently physically unwell and the emotional and psychological toll and impact on all the family.

She said yesterday – Fathers Day – was awful for her and her daughter was upset and it was not a good time. I explained yesterday was not good for us either.

She totally understood everything I have been going through and the effect on my children. She said she has noticed my son zoning out a bit and she also said that he is such an intelligent boy, that he would no doubt be a straight A grade student, if it weren’t for these issues at home. And I appreciated her honesty and being so understanding of how his father is affecting him. Continue reading


So Grateful To Have Free Access To A Gym, All Exercise Classes & All Facilities ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

As per my last blog post, I have decided I need to focus on my health, starting with my physical health.

The facility/organisation also have youth programs and do a considerable amount for the community, mostly focussed on children and youth. As it is a police run organisation, their focus is on helping children and teenagers to stay on the right path. And to help mentor them and hopefully lesson the chance of them ending up on drugs, committing domestic violence and criminal activity.

I think their work is amazing and vital within society. So, I offered to volunteer, as helping children and young people is a passion of mine. Especially those who are vulnerable and in need of good influences in their lives.

As a result of offering to volunteer, I was told I could use all the facilities free. Including the gym and exercise classes.  And the other classes such as rock walling and basketball – which my children can also use free.

gratitude 2

I feel so blessed. I am really needing to focus on my health, and this being offered to me – all the fitness and exercise facilities/classes free – is so amazing and needed. I have no excuse now, to not get really fit. The yoga, Pilates and Zumba classes – are a few of the ones that are available after school drop off time, which is fantastic and fits right into my routine as a stay at home mother. And the gym is open from 6am – 9pm most days.

For my children to be able to use the facilities free too – like rock walling, is amazing and such a blessing to my family. My older son who is 14, thinks regular rock walling, basket ball etc – is great. And my younger son is also looking forward to using the facilities too.

I nearly cried when the manager of the complex told me I could use everything free. It really was a case of having that tiny flickers of hope, and turning that into a bigger sense of hope for the future.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to help children and youth. And I am so grateful for the use the facilities and classes completely free.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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I am so thankful I started my ladies group :)

My ladies group is going so well. I am thankful I decided to start it. We have regulars who come during the weekdays and on the fortnightly Saturday group.

I’m really enjoying it and the ladies are too. Today, was a combo of some deep and meaningful conversation, light-hearted conversation, mixed with some fun and lots of laughter.

One of the ladies has recently registered on a dating website, and it was such fun talking about it, and she set up her first date, with our encouragement. We gave some advice on keeping safe – public place, daytime meet up for coffee and having an escape plan if needed. She was a bit nervous, so we discussed conversations she could have. It created lots of giggles and laughter. I hope she enjoys her date 🙂

I am thankful for this very diverse group of ladies. All with something unique to offer and different life experiences. Continue reading

So blessed, someone made us meals & received a donation of $100 !

I’ve set up a GofundMe account to help with the publishing costs of my first book.


I only set it up yesterday and I have already received a donation and an incredibly generous one of $100!! I was so surprised and so thankful, I cried! I am such a sook 🙂

My husband is a police officer and has told a few others in work and one very kind police officer, brought meals and cupcakes in for us! She’s a lovely woman, I’ve met her a few times and she’s having problems with her teenager who has been suicidal, so knows how hard this all is to deal with.

What amazing blessings and I know that’s you God and I praise you deeply for this ❤ ❤ ❤

in my last email to my doctor, I wrote how I know God loves me and will always provide all I need. Including the strength the cope and heal, and whatever else is needed.

It’s amazing to think I nearly ended my life less than a week ago, and here I am now sat with my children playing and giggling together – that sound being my favourite in the world, feeling deeply blessed by people who I don’t even know!

Wow. I have no more words.

Wow!!! 🙂

Celebrated my good news today, lunch out & a Long Island Iced Tea cocktail :)

I was so excited, and then so emotional about receiving an email supporting my work, from one of my biggest inspirations, that my husband decided we needed to celebrate!

So, we went for lunch at one of our favourite places, and I had a treat of a Long Island Iced Tea – which is one of my favourite cocktails 🙂


Had an email from Pete Walker!!!! One of my biggest inspirations!

To be commended on my work, by Pete Walker, who is one of my great inspirations, is AMAZING!!!!

And he gave me permission to use any of his work!!

Every blessed and honoured to have his support and validation of my work.


Pete Walker is @ http://www.pete-walker.com/

I have read and highly recommend this book, he authored;


So deeply blessed! A $50 donation received for my Website !!

I very recently added a donations facility to my Website, a year after setting it up.

It is free for everyone and it helps many which is wonderful, but it does cost money to run it and my annual domain renewal costs are upon me.

And now I have received this donation, from such a wonderful, kind hearted person. If you see this, please know I am deeply thankful and appreciate this so much! ❤ ❤

Made me fill up with tears – I am such a sook. But happy tears! 🙂

I feel so deeply blessed!

My Website @ http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/

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Thankful to be able to add my insight into abusers, to my Website.

Have a section now, with links to this blog – to increase awareness of why abusers – abuse.

Which helps people to heal, as it helps release the blame, shame and guilt, that many survivors of abuse feel, that was never theirs to own.


It also helps survivors of abuse, understand the depth of the abuse caused, and why it takes time to heal.

Abusers, like narcissists and sociopaths are often highly covert and manipulative in the abuse they inflict and this leaves their victims, very confused.

So, it is my hope that my insight, research and understanding of these abusive people – helps others in their healing.