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Started researching why social media is damaging society & health. Wow!

Yes, it is.

Wow, there is so much info from psychologists, human science experts, and the like on how social media is causing more damage to society, than any good it may do.

I am not going to deny this to myself, or be a hypocrite, or pretend and excuse with I feel it is okay.

I just can’t be someone with apathy, someone who can make justifications and excuses to turn something into what I want to hear.

I just can’t.

Social media is increasing many harmful behaviours, damaging people’s psyche’s, causing ridiculous amounts of bullying and narcissism, hindering social skills, hindering education, encourages oversharing, damaging memory, social skills, hindering people getting out and having real interactions, increasing anti-social personalities, anger, aggression, increasing a whole mass of uneducated and unwise opinions and advice, flushing away what used to be genuine emotions and interactions and so much more.


That is a whole lotta bad influence and harm.

Scary, actually.

Jesus often wept the sins & consequences of sin & there are no recordable instances of Him laughing.

People think I am irrational, when I say the world is dangerous and abusive and this is increasing. They believe I am scarred by my own abuse experiences and this is ‘all’ due to my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Child abuse stats are so high, they are a worldwide epidemic. Violence to woman stats are so high, they are a worldwide epidemic.

And abuse and danger, occurs within Christianity, as much as outside of it. And this is because people are deeply sinful and all very capable of causing much harm, and mostly choose to justify it, because of their lack of honesty, lack of capacity to admit wrongs and many more human sinful behaviours.

And this is being increasingly condoned, ignored and normalised. The child abuse stats are so high. it’s becoming ‘a normal life experience’ to be abused as a child and people are accepting of this, as though nothing can change. Lack of empathy is great in this world. Continue reading


Society isn’t willing to hear you say ‘this all normalises bad behaviour’.

It is a fact, that humans, greatly resist hearing – you are wrong, you need to change, you can be mean, your actions are hurtful, your behaviour and views are unhealthy. And that is all about ego, and insecurity and lack of self insight and insight into humanity.

When you have suffered greatly in life, for prolonged periods of time, had the first 20 years of life having no-one protecting you and loving you, you do develop a deep capacity for honesty, self insight and awareness.

I had to, to survive. Suffering, brings out in some, a capacity for integrity and honesty, that is deeper than if there is little or no suffering. Suffering develops greater depth, to some parts of a person’s capabilities, and insight.

I am deeply honest in myself, about myself, and in what I see and know. I have been challenged deeply in life to survive, for decades. I fended for myself. I provided for myself from age 20, and considering everything, I did this well. I didn’t need to rely on parents, or men for money, and when I was in a domestic violence marriage, I got myself out and did not remain in it. I was able to look after myself.

In the game of survival, I am very gifted and experienced. I have needed to be. This created this depth of honesty and integrity to what is needed and what is right. It doesn’t make me better than anyone, just different.

I’ve always been up front about who I am. When I was a party girl, I didn’t hide it, or pretend I was anything else. I’ve always been who I am – no masks, no pretending, just very real, very upfront, very honest and very raw, with it.

Now, with all I have learned in the last 2 years as well, I see things very deeply about society, humanity and a lot of it isn’t pretty, or good, at all. And, I am not going pretend it is, to make my life easy, like most of society does.

Having been a highly observant, constantly vigilant, constantly assessing person, I see a lot that others miss, or choose to ignore. And I don’t see the impact just for myself – I see the deeper impact for society as a whole, the impact of increasing abuse, the impact of increasing suffering. Continue reading

Using Charlotte Dawson’s abortion ‘only’, by Fred Nile for his own agenda, is digusting.

I have seen Fred Nile’s Facebook page and his comments about Charlotte Dawson – that are ONLY about the abortion.


Typical of a weak, abusive Christian, who wants to zone in on a person’s sad death, for his anti-abortion campaigning.

Did Fred Nile say anything about the child abuse she endured – NO.

Did Fred Nile say anything about the abandonment by her mother – NO.

Did Fred Nile say anything about the bad relationship that she had with her step father – NO.

Did fred Nile say anything about the deep affect this will have had on Charlotte Dawson – No

This will have all been the reasons, for who she was, and why she made choices she did later on.

But, Christians, don’t like to talk about how abuse, can hurt and damage people in a life long way. Too much abuse being condoned within Christianity. They just focus on the sins they feel safe to talk about and bully others about.

What a weak, disgusting, abusive man Fred Nile is, to ONLY use the abortion in his post, for his own agenda. Continue reading

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Psychologists state “Online trolls are psychopaths and sadists”


I have long believed that online trolls that deliberately choose (premeditated), to cause harm to others, are sociopaths, because it is planned, it is meant to cause harm, they do have complete disrespect for any humanity, have no conscience and want to cause harm to the person.

And it is well documented how mental and emotional abuse can often cause far greater harm than physical abuse.

I had a recent onslaught of abuse on my healing community page, which I have now closed down for a while. One man was highly abusive, including an onslaught of abusive language telling me to F*** Off, and another immediate comment where he stated he would ‘catch me and eat my heart raw and barbecue the rest’.

This was in response to me posting a quote that stated children and women’s protection from abuse and domestic violence needed increasing and be a priority.

This man’s comments to me, are from the mind of a highly sociopathic/psychopathic mind – to even think these types of thoughts, let alone write them on someone social media. And this isn’t the first time I have had such disturbing comments and abuse directed personally at me.

When you already low and feeling close to being suicidal, this can push you over the edge.

Abusive comments that occur on social media – such as this kind of abuse and even more so – the ones inciting suicide or death threats, as the late Charlotte Dawson received – need laws meaning these abusers can be found and dealt with under law, with suitable consequences.