Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


The Mighty Are Publishing An Article & Asked Me To Be An ‘Official Mighty Contributor’ ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I sent The Mighty one of my more recent articles and they have responded to confirm they will publish it.

They have also asked me to be an ‘Official Mighty Contributor’ and have set up a profile for me – which is great!

I am very excited to be able to raise more awareness and understanding about Complex Trauma and Complex PTSD, abuse and child abuse.

It is my motivation to share insight into how prolonged and severe abuse, as both a child and adult – affects survivors. Continue reading


I can now officially call myself a published writer!!! Whoohoo!

I was invited to contribute to best selling author – Shahida Arabi’s – new and amazing book – @ http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01B01O3PA

So excited! This book will help so many. It really is exceptional resource!

shahidas book 2

I am so excited I can now call myself a published writer! Yay!

I have three pages in the book, which I am so honoured to contribute!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

~ Lilly Hope Lucario






“You need substantive editing” :)

It’s a good job I don’t have a fragile ego and can hear the truth, from those I know have good intentions.

The editor I have approached to help me with my book, has now confirmed (after looking through some of my blog), I need ‘substantive editing’.

This made me laugh. It amused me.

I have always said it is ‘what’ I write about that is my strength, not ‘how’ I write.

I think he chose to soften the potential blow a bit, by Continue reading

Reading up about referencing people’s work.

Writing a book, is far more complicated than it may appear. Especially when you want to do it professionally and ensure you follow all procedures correctly.

Having learned the issues regarding making absolutely sure you cite and reference other people’s work…. I am making sure, I get this 100% right.

So far I have read these….




When Do You Need to Secure Permissions?

(This was upon advice of a successful author)

http://www.mbbp.com/news/writers-guide-to-fair-use Continue reading

Increasingly interested in Beat Poetry.


Seascape With Sun and Eagle   ( Top of Page )

than most birds
an eagle flies up
over San Francisco
freer than most places
soars high up
floats and glides high up
in the still
open spaces

flown from the mountains
floated down
far over ocean
where the sunset has begun
a mirror of itself

He sails high over
turning and turning
where seaplanes might turn
where warplanes might burn
Continue reading


Just joined an online writers group & I already know I won’t fit in, at all.

I am meant to be improving my writing skills. But, I am not sure writing groups are going to be ‘my thing’.

I joined an online group today,  for ’emerging’ writers. They are all so serious about it. They talk about learning their ‘craft’ and a whole load of other terms that just make ‘writing’ seem pretentious . Me, I just want to learn to write in a way that is okay enough to shove the contents of my head, in a book others can read.

I don’t care about plot lines, antagonists, steam punk (whatever the hell is that) and there are people patronizing and criticising other successful authors, like  Stephanie Meyers – author of the Twilight Saga Series. So if they are criticising her, then I am screwed.

Plus, many of these very serious ‘writers’ in the group seem very needy talking about their doctorates, how many books they have already written, show how they are already highly skilled writers and are highly educated in writing related fields.

Which is great, but I thought this group was for ’emerging writers’? Continue reading

You don’t have to play by everyone else’s rules….

I love Sia and her music.

Nominated for 6 Aria’s.

Sia has Bipolar, and yet she is incredibly talented, very real, very raw, very honest and she does *not* play by the rules.

Her music career is how ‘she’ wants it to be….not the way her peers and society expects and demands. I love that inner strength she has to live her life ‘her’ way. And she has proven she can be a massive success, by not following all the rules set down by the industry she is in.

Huge lesson there, for all who believe they must play by the rules and follow like sheep.

A big inspiration and someone I admire.

I will be keep this in mind, while in the book publishing industry. If I don’t feel it is necessary to comply with all their ‘rules’, then I won’t.

I will take advice, digest it, consider the heart motivation that lies behind the advice and make my own conclusions. I am NOT wanting to go down the route of becoming obsessed with any book having to be a ‘success’ by other people’s rules and critique. Continue reading

Mindful, of not needing my existence, to be dependent on validation/acceptance of others.

We all need validation from those around us. It is a basic human need to feel loved, cherished, wanted and validated as to who we are as person.

For those of us, who have never found this, or had such huge trust issues that we cant’ accept this (it can be both), this can feel even more of a search and need.

I was chatting with an amazingly intelligent and gifted mental health survivor recently. He has severe mental health issues, but is also incredible intelligent and has had huge success with his first book. He is very honest that he needs this connection with others, to feel this validation, and to be a success. I know he had an abusive childhood, with severe abuse, including sexual abuse. Continue reading

Joining writers groups, moving into my next stage of healing, whilst learning more…of course.

Following on from the writers conference I attended yesterday, I have found there are 4 writers groups within my area. Each meet monthly, on different days, and different weeks of the month.

So with my husbands shift work in mind, if I attend them all, I don’t have to wait hopefully more than a week to attend the next one, should his shifts collide with the writing group date/time. With this plan in mind, I have decided to attend them all.

As with all things, I feel like a sponge – ready to soak up as much wisdom and knowledge about writing as I can. And I know I need it. My manic side of my personality is eager and excited to just get into all this, as quickly as possible.

I also found some writing courses, I may attend too, to gain specific skills in editing. These skills I am aware being invaluable in writing. And no-one is aware more than I am, about how much I need to learn editing skills lol!.

Not only will I gain much needed wisdom about writing, but I will meet new people, start to deal with my anxiety and I sense this will all enable me to move into the next stage of my healing. Continue reading