Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

** My Website **

You can find my Website at;

Website @ http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/

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My Website, is recommended & supported by

mental health professionals and clinicians

and shared often.

For REVIEWS of my Website read @



I am very blessed, to have my work supported by Pete Walker – a complex trauma survivor and therapist.



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Dr Cheryl Arutt, is an esteemed professional, who supports my work, and shares my website with her clients.



David Susman Ph.D is another esteemed professional, who support my work and has informed me my website and advocacy is very important.

David chose my work, for an Award due to my work offering information & resources regarding mental health.

I was chosen for an award, as one of 11 advocates, out of 100’s of mental health advocates.






10 thoughts on “** My Website **

  1. Chronicling your journey like this is incredibly powerful.

    As a Christian, the best writer I can recommend in this field is Dan Allender.

    The Wounded Heart & Bold Love are his two greatest works that touch in this space, as well as to Be told (all have study guides).

    The Allender Center at the Seattle School for Psychology and Theology is the pinnacle of his life’s work.

    Happy to dialogue about these if they will help you as I worked through the books deeply some 20 years ago and they still stand for me as great biblical teaching combined with passionate care of the individual’s soul.

    • Thank you Nathanael, I appreciate your kind words and suggestions.

      I have had someone else suggest Dan Allender, so I will look into his books. I have so many books on my ‘to buy’ list and I appreciate people recommending ones that have helped them.

      I think blogging my journey, is something very healing, and if it helps anyone along the way to understand themselves more, to validate their experiences and emotions, and to see my faith too, then I agree it is powerful.

  2. It may be of interest to check out http://www.facebook.com/canpraxis An organization that help Veterans with PTSD and their Spouses at no cost to them.

  3. Hello my name is Marlene. I have been reading your posts for quite some time and would like to thank you for that. I have had several narc and sociopaths in my life. Recently a year after my break up with my sociopath I found out that he had been with my girlfriend all along. They both denied and lied to my face for several months and now I am in utter shock and have proof of it and am having a hard tme with the double betrayal. I have to grown daughters and a grandson whom I adore. My daughters dismiss me and flat out refuse to hear about it. Last Wednesday the youngest gave me shit repeatedly saying I knew and how pathetic it was that I was grieving after a year. She is insisting I knew but I didn’t for sure. I asked her how things were going with her and her break up and she said she didn’t want to talk about it and she said she was leaving. While she was leaving I was called a whore bitch out of the blue. I kicked her out of my apt and literally shoved her out. She then went to her sister and said she was physically abused and that I am dangerous. (They gang up all the time on me). My oldest took her words as bible and manipulated and flat out lied. My oldest now is convinced I am dangerous and will only let me see my grandson in public places. I am beyond devastated and I am suicidal. My grand son gives me a reason to live and my little angel. He loves me with a pure love and I him and he has nothing to do with this!. Both my daughters have blocked me on face book as well. My youngest is highly manipulative and has a history of lying and being abusive with me at work (I work with her). I feel like I have nothing left any more. I had my grandson and now that is limited for unjust reasons. I have very little support. I’m at a loss and completely broken. I want to die…That’s what I feel like…I want to die!

    • I have only just seen this sorry Marlene, and I am deeply sorry you have endured narc and sociopath abuse. I really understand the pain this causes and that you have abusive relationships too.
      It takes a long time to heal from this kind of abuse and often society believes this has to be quick, but it can’t be.
      Please know, I am struggling to heal from abuse too and I do understand. I have also been suicidal, and I know the depths of despair, aloneness and darkness we can feel.
      I know that these intense feelings pass and that we need to hold onto whatever is good that we have.
      Have you considered seeking counselling. I wouldn’t have got through the last 18 months, without it.
      Please know, you are not alone in this journey.

  4. I am very hesitant now to see someone. I’ve seen two people already and recognized red flags in both of them already. I just saw your response months later.

  5. I very much enjoy reading your blog & sharing several of your posts with my readers. I wanted to let you know that I enjoy you website and I have nominated you for the “Once a Victim, Now a Survivor Award”. Please see my post at http://darque.me/2015/07/13/once-a-victim-now-a-survivor-award-1/ for further details. I would love it if you can participate!

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  7. I am starting to worry about you . Are you doing a little better? Please let us know. Thank you for being you.

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