Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

In the ‘ACT’ stage of my therapy. Reflections.

I’ve read a fair bit about Acceptance & Commitment Therapy – known as ACT, and I know I am in that stage of healing/therapy. This has become especially clear reading ‘The Happiness Trap’ book. The book is based upon ACT therapy and I see as I am reading through it, how I am well and truly in this stage.

I am still grieving. I have accepted my past in it’s full and painful entirety and how I can manage the consequences of it. I know I will grieve for a long time and it will lesson over time.

ACT therapy, as defined in this book, is to achieve 2 main goals.

  1. Effectively handle painful thoughts and emotions.
  2. Create a rich, full and meaningful life.


I know my counsellor has stated several times recently, how I am able to discuss my past trauma and the timeline of events etc, in a really coherent way. This is due to my acceptance of my trauma history and having processed it to the point where I can speak about it coherently now and without emotions becoming overwhelming. I am able to more effectively manage painful thoughts, emotions, along with triggers etc.

I am working on creating a meaningful life, as this is important to me. My life is being shaped within the integrity of my core values, my integrity to what I feel is meaningful and removing what is not.  Continue reading