Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Betrayal, is a huge trigger. But, dealing with it okay.

I am someone who is always reflecting, always looking at what I can learn, what needs to change, how I can grow, become more resilient. And I’ve made a lot of progress.

This last week, has not been good. I am very aware life continues to throw curve balls – and that does not stop, just because you are trying to heal stuff from the past. I’m a realist. Life is not all good. It has good, bad and ugly.

So, I’ve considered why a potential issue has thrown me so badly. And I do realise it is only a potential issue and one with many different possible explanations. And I knew this, and as such, made the choice to ask questions, calmly.

So why has a potential explanation/behaviour of someone else, floored me?

I realise it is one of the biggest triggers – betrayal.


So, I will use this situation, to figure out how I can cope better Continue reading

Child sexual abuse perpetrated by a child’s own parents, is the most profound trauma to a child.


Child sexual abuse by parents, whether incest, or sexual exploitation, is profound trauma, that causes many deep layers of trauma.

Child sexual abuse is also physical abuse/assault, deep emotional and psychological abuse and severe neglect to a child.  Continue reading