Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Thinking about all the acknowledgements for my book.


When my book is written, I will be including a section of all the acknowledgments I will be making and how much gratitude I have.

The list, will be…

My counsellor/doctor

My husband

Pete Walker

Many other professionals who support my website/blog/social media

All the many survivors of complex trauma who support me and share their journey’s with me.

All the authors of books I have read and absorbed that have helped me learn all about complex trauma. Continue reading


Decided on a layout/plan for my book.

I realise I cannot simply pull a load of blogs from this blog site, and shove them in a book. So, I have decided on writing chapters for each main section of my healing journey over the last 4 years, starting at my ‘breakdown’ which was actually my ‘breakthrough’ (after decades of suppression/avoidance etc).

Then each¬†chapter will have a section written, plus accompanying blog posts as diary entries, with relevant poems and quotes I have written. I’ve written over 700 quotes, and over 40 poems, so I have many to choose.

So, hopefully that will flow well and make sense to readers.

I’m concentrating on the first 3 chapters Continue reading