Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Solitude, is healing and I really need it……. often and increasingly so.


My solitude….. makes my life worth living.

I need it, I crave it and I cherish it.

It enables me to think, to process, to heal.

And have peace.

I cherish and love my family…. my children, my husband. I find them challenging and exhausting to be around, but I love them deeply and I do everything in my capacity to be a decent mother and wife and consider and address their needs, happiness and growth.

I am pursuing meeting up with selective friends ~ who share the same type of soul and heart as myself. I am excited to be meeting up with a friend next week, for the first time and I know it will be so lovely.

I do enjoy and look forward to my counselling time each week and spending time with someone wise, who I listen to and learn from and have increasing trust in…. which is a first for me….. trust. And I do realise, at some point that will end, as my counselling won’t need to continue forever. Which is something I have not yet got my head around…. and causes me anxiety when I do.

But, I very much need my alone time.

And lots of it.

I no longer ‘need’ people, the way I used to think I did.

I choose to spend time, with those I love and cherish.

But, alone is where I am most comfortable and peaceful.


My Jung based archetype is the Sage…

archetype carl jung

Did a ‘which Jung archetype best describes you’ quiz and this was the answer….

You’re the sage!

 According to Carl Jung, the sage represents wisdom and the search for truth.

You are wise beyond your years, patient and a deep thinker. You’re driven by a thirst for knowledge. One of your greatest fears is being ignorant, misled, or duped.

You’re incredibly intelligent but you risk over analyzing until you’re incapable of actually making a decision.

You’re an old soul and wise beyond your years, but Jung would tell you don’t get lost in the clouds!

I actually agree with most of this……..I do have a deep thirst for the truth and wisdom.

I definitely have a fear of being ignorant, misled or duped! For sure!

I have been told I am wise beyond my years…..I do over-analyse sometimes….I do get overwhelmed by this and then cannot cope with making a decision.

I have been told I am an old soul, and I am also an INFP type which does mean my head is on the clouds sometimes.

The only thing I disagree with is the patient part…..I don’t consider patience ones of my virtues. But, I realise this is due to PTSD too. But, I am becoming more patient…….the fruits of the spirit growing.

I also know, I am several archetypes, within one soul…..and this is just one of them.

I am also the caregiver, orphan & explorer too. But, I think the sage is my more dominant archetype.

A list of them all….

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Until you make the unconscious….conscious….C.G.Jung


I see many people filling their lives with outer pursuits, outer goals, outer successes, pleasures and achievements, all failing to understand that until we look deep within….we don’t even know who we are.

People choose to remain in delusion about self, all their lives. Fear of shame….to look deep within.

It isn’t a pleasant journey, the path of self discovery…it is about stripping away all previous beliefs about self….what is okay, what isn’t, what needs to change, the unhealthy ego and how this has affected our lives.

But, for those who truly wish to understand self and have the courage and inner strength to take that path….it is an immense awakening and I believe…..the only path to true healing.

Praise God, I am not ‘only’ the intensely serious, deeply introspective, life wisdom knowing me…


I have different parts of my character, soul, personality. I don’t have a fixed personality that remains constant…mine fluctuates continually. I have a very serious, very intense, very introspective, very knowing, wise part of me. And I also have a silly, childlike, mischievous side to me…..and parts in between.

But, praise God, I am not ‘only’ the serious side of me!

I think we all need to tap into that inner child within us all and allow her/him to be felt. At appropriate times, in appropriate contexts and environments.

It is wisdom, to know when to be serious, when to be wise, when to be sad, when to have fun, when to be silly etc….but be very aware of this inner ego state.

My humour, childlike inner self, has always kept me sane. My life has contained far too much abuse, far too much harm and suffering, so the childlike side of me, has helped balance this a little.

Now, I realise, it is okay to have my inner self, balance this serious stuff out, far more.

I’ve read people such as C.G.Jung and Einstein allowed their inner child to be felt, as adults.

It was interesting how C.G.Jung believed even as a child he has two personalities, which he later went on to identify in his work. He had a tough childhood, being raised in a very religious home where he later identified much wrong/unhealthy within his father and mother’s personalities and behaviours.