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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


I choose to speak up for the innocent & the ones who do deserve the compassion.

child protection

I choose to speak up for the innocent, those who did not have a ‘choice’ about being abused, those who had their childhood’s stolen in the worst ways possible.

It is ethics and social justice to speak up for the innocent.

If we don’t speak up for our vulnerable children, we don’t stand for much.

Offenders had choices. They made choices to hurt and harm children, and they could have chosen not to. Most of them never have any remorse, and many do it repeatedly, because they lack any conscience, empathy or remorse.

And those who defend them, make excuses for them, rationalise what they do, enable them, justify what they do, are as guilty as the offenders themselves.

We live in a victim blaming/shaming society. In an offender protecting/enabling society. A sick society.

No-one ever deserves to be abused. No-one ever deserves to be sexually abused. Especially children.

Society needs to stop defending people who choose to harm others, and start making them far more responsible for their actions, have far more appropriate jail time, and start supporting the victims. Continue reading

Hetty Johnston AM – Queenslander Of The Year…thanked me for my work :)

I greatly respect Hetty Johnston for her passion and dedication to improving the safety of children by tirelessly working, via politics, law reform, awareness raising, helping victims and more…..all to help reduce child sexual assault/abuse and for perpetrators of abuse to have more appropriate jail time, as currently the legal system is pathetic.

I congratulated Hetty on receiving Queenslander of The Year and I was really thankful to see she dedicated her award to all Aussie children 🙂

And Hetty responded back and thanked me for my work and how together we work towards making Aussie a safer place for children. And she doesn’t respond to many, so I felt very blessed.

I am so thankful she acknowledges my work too and made the time to contact me, especially as she is one of my inspirations and works within an area so close to my heart.

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