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Typical paedophile attitude. They don’t believe child sexual abuse, is wrong, or a criminal act.


This confirms my suspicions about the child sexual abuse being condoned and enabled for years at St. Pauls School and Brisbane Grammar School.

Paedophile rings, are how it is able to be continued. And these rings are more common than is realised.

To say you did not know fondling a child’s genitals, is a criminal act, is typical of the type of attitude and thinking, paedophiles have. They don’t believe what they do is wrong, or illegal.

And this man is a head teacher of a school. They would know any form of child sexual abuse, is illegal. Continue reading


Father pimped out daughter, to paedophiles. One of whom is a pastor, and a prison fellowship manager


Father pimped out daughter to paedophiles, and this girl was horrifically abused.

One of these was a church pastor and former Prison Fellowship manager. Sounds to me like he surrounded himself with fellow criminals and offenders, because he is exactly like them. He was probably advocating for people like himself – paedophiles and child abusers, to be released from prison, and their crimes minimized. And all the while he is horrifically raping and abusing a child.


Each one of these men deserve to be in prison for the rest of their natural lives.