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Does Brian Houston really think he is fooling wise people? Obviously another complete corrupt cover up.


A Mega Church filled with people listening to wolves in sheep’s clothing and their evil perpetrator protecting abuse.

Numbers of followers – does not indicate the spiritual health of a church….although their ego’s will want to believe differently.

Who are these all these abusive churches led by?

Well I can tell you now….it isn’t Jesus.

And in all of this……….who cared about the victims?

No-one….until the RC forced many of the them to reveal all their dirty, sinful, evil secrets.

Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston told a royal commission that there may be more victims of his paedophile father Frank Houston who have yet to come forward.

In his final day of evidence, the evangelical preacher told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse of learning the extent of his father’s alleged predatory acts in the 1960s and 1970s.

He told the commission he first became aware of allegations of abuse in 1999 but learned in 2000 there were further claims involving six boys in New Zealand.

Never charged: Frank Houston .

When asked by counsel assisting, Simeon Beckett, whether he accepted that Frank Houston had abused other children, Brian Houston responded: “We probably don’t know how many. We may never know how far it went.”

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Founder of Hillsong a Paedophile – and it was all kept quiet, police not involved – why am I not suprised.

I always had a feeling Hillsong were a dodgy lot.

I’ve seen Houston in action and I wasn’t impressed. All their marketing and money making etc. Not of Christ.

This latest news, doesn’t surprise me in the least.

I will ‘never’ take my children to a church again. We worship Jesus in the safety of our home.

Quite frankly I don’t trust them. I trust God, I trust Jesus, but I have no faith in churches at all. Far too many perpetrator protectors and evil occurring under their noses and they encourage it.

Too many churches are narcissist/sociopath/psychopath/paedophile creating machines.

And bear in mind, what is coming through the Royal Commission, is a fraction of all that has occurred. It is not all of it, by a long way.

Child sex abuse inquiry: Hillsong leader Brian Houston says victim can decide about going to police

Updated yesterday at 3:57pmThu 9 Oct 2014, 3:57pm

Hillsong Church leader Brian Houston has told an inquiry he did not report child sexual abuse claims against his father to police because the victim was over 18 when he came forward.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is examining the handling of allegations against William Francis Houston, better known as Frank.

Brian Houston said he was told in October 1999 that a man in his mid 30s, known as AHA, had come forward to reveal that Frank Houston had abused him about 30 years earlier.

He told the inquiry he was in no doubt that a criminal offence had been committed. Continue reading