Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Keepin’ focussed on Self Care, Healthy Activities & Boundaries….


Part of my journey, has been to focus on needed and deserved self care, and needed emotional boundaries. This is something I know many complex trauma survivors and child abuse survivors truly need to develop and focus on. It’s a big part of my work in educating and sharing my journey, to help others know they need these too.

I’ve been scheduling posts for my page for a while now, and they appear every 2 hours or so. In doing this, I can spend 20 minutes thinking of posts and info I want to add to my social media, schedule them, and get off the laptop. I will check them a couple of times to see what comments are being posted. But, my time on social media as a result, has drastically reduced. Which is good self care. I also remove any toxic and mean crap. I don’t tolerate it anymore. Again, good self care and boundaries.

Today, I went and picked up a few craft things, as I am feeling a spark of enthusiasm for my craft, scrapbooking etc again. I know I can fluctuate in my desire to do crafty things and that’s okay. When I have the desire for it, I do it. I found some stuff heavily discounted, which is great 🙂 Continue reading


My mindfulness, my enjoyment, my stress reduction, my inner child healing, my escape… my gardens.

Pics from round my gardens, where I spend time every day, pottering around…

I utilise my gardens for many reasons. Including being where I escape to, when my anxiety is raised, my stress levels are up, and children and husband are pushing my buttons.

My gardens and lovely areas to sit and have a cup of tea, help soothe my mind. They give me something creative and positive to do. They create mindfulness in a way I can regularly participate. They help with inner child healing, and are something so pretty to look at.

I love my flowers, my fairy’s, my cute stuff.

A perfectly wonderful and highly adaptive coping strategy, that aids wellbeing, and promotes healing.

DSC_0199 DSC_0200

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Craft room tidied, and that’s good.

Anything I achieve these days, I need to feel okay with. My craft room has been a mess for a long time, with me doing very little, as a result.

It is much tidier now, and once my 6 year old is in bed, I’m going to go downstairs and use it.

I intend focussing on simple stuff, not feeling like I have to produce elaborate creations, and hold myself up to those continually high expectations/demands of myself – I have had issues with in my life. The ‘never being good enough’ issues and perfectionism issues.

I intent working on all that and being okay with ‘good enough’.

Now, as well as being able to use it myself, if I want to invite crafty friends over to use it and share it with them, I can.

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My developing gardens……where I like to spend time every day :)

I spend a lot of time in my garden/yard.

It is my little sanctuary, where I escape to have some peace, where I create, where I soothe my inner child, where I think and where I pray 🙂


This hydrangea was being sold cheap, because it was virtually dead. But, I’ve taken off the dead yucky leaves, and nurtured it and it has a mass of new, healthy leaves growing 🙂



Picnic basket ^^^ ….re-purposed/re-cycled…. for some ferns to grow in the shade 🙂


My baby Jacaranda tree….. which apparently may bust this pot as it gets much bigger….which if that happens, I will deal with then 🙂



My bootiful Bird of Paradise……which flowered for the first time this year 🙂


My cute stuff, hanging from the tree 🙂

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Making my own polymer clay mushrooms, for my fairy gardens :)

Fairy garden accessories are not cheap to buy online…. so, I decided to make my own 😉

This is my first attempt at a mushroom…


It needs spots and possibly glazing….I haven’t made my mind up yet…

But, it’s very cute…


Doing good with keeping myself focussed on ‘nice’ stuff. Made a skirt :)


I love creative stuff and I know it is good for the brain. I tidied up the mess that was all over my sewing table…….you couldn’t actually see the table it was that messy…

Then sewed a pretty straight forward elasticated waisted skirt.

Simple straight forward, easy…one hour, job done. Material I have chosen that I like and will enjoy wearing.

I’ve also had a swim, watered my flowers in the fairy garden, dead headed them, and posted some stuff online that will hopefully help a few people. And had a giggle with a few people too 😀

My husband said to me when he saw the skirt “is there anything you cannot do!?”… which was nice of him to say. I replied “yes, be quiet, not talk too much and be a cop, they are 3 of your skills, and definitely are not mine” lol! 😉

But, I have my skills too and I’m glad they are creative ones.

I love days like today 🙂

Why ‘buy’ stuff for my inner child, when I can make it.


I love sewing, although only very basic stuff and one type of clothing I do know how to make, is pillow case dresses and tops.

As I was wandering around Spotlight earlier, looking at material to stretch over canvases, I was admiring all the Christmas materials, thinking how beautiful some would be as little girls dresses and suddenly realised, I can ‘make’ dresses for my inner child.

I picked some beautiful material and some co-ordinating ribbon and will make a pretty dress for Christmas for my inner little girl.

This will incorporate some mindfulness, as I have to really concentrate when sewing, creativity and inner child healing, all at the same time.